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Springtime Bucket List for Families


It’s been a long, cold winter, and the spring rain isn’t far off. It’s time to wish away the gray days, and welcome the sunshine and warmer weather. For families who have been stuck inside all winter, you may be ready to get outside and play. There are tons of ways to enjoy the spring weather as it comes upon us in the next few weeks. Some springtime activities are staples for families, especially families with young children. Here are a few ideas to get your springtime bucket list started.


One of the cutest DIY projects that you can do with your kids this spring is to create a fairy garden. You can make a fairy garden inside your home, or pick a spot out in your yard for a more permanent location. My Fairy Gardens has everything you need to create the perfect enchanted garden spot for your favorite little fairies. Grab up to 50% off on clearance items to make your pretty garden. Allow the kids to pick plants, as well as fairy garden accessories to make their own magical spaces. If you have multiple children, allow each child to select a fairy house and decorate the area around it. Connect the houses with little pebble or rock paths.

One of the best things to enjoy during the spring season is to put on a pair of rain boots and go stomping in rain puddles. Young children especially love to jump in puddles and explore in the water. You’ll want to make sure your feet are well protected by a comfortable rain boot, which will also keep your feet and pant legs dry. Hunter Boots are well made and are great for adults and kids to wear in rainy weather. They’re fashionable and functional. Kids original gloss rain boots are just $55.95!


Start a garden together. Springtime is a wonderful time to plan your family’s garden. It may be too chilly to plant adult plants just yet. Check the proper zones for planting according to the area you live in. You’ll want to make sure that the danger of frost has passed before you plant anything in the ground. Decide on whether you’ll plant your plants in pots, in a raised bed, or directly into the ground. Prep your gardening area by clearing out any grass or weeds, and turning up and fertilizing the soil. Start plants from seeds inside, and watch them sprout and grow with your kids. It’s fun to let them choose their own packs of seeds, and allow them to plant them, and encourage them to water them and watch them grow.

Go on a family picnic. Pack up the picnic basket with your family’s favorite picnic foods. Pack sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit and veggies, and perhaps a few homemade cookies or brownies, and head to your favorite park or local picnic spot. Bring along a large blanket to spread out and sit on with your family members. Plan to play a few games together. Bring a ball, a kite, or even a few good books to read as a family. Lie back and stare at the clouds and imagine what the clouds look like. Plan to go for a nature walk, and soak up as much sun and family time as you can.

Getting out of the house and spending some much needed time enjoying your surroundings can really lift your spirits after a gloomy winter. Get the whole family out of the house and into the sunshine to enjoy the first few days and weeks of spring. Don’t wait too long… summer will be here before you know it.