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5 Outdoor Activities to Celebrate Springtime

Winter activities are so focused on everyone getting together indoors, springtime is like our long-awaited release into the wild! Now that Daylight Savings Time is all taken care of, we have an increasing amount of daylight. Your area might still have snow patches, but if you hear the birds I hear and see the blooming plants that I see – you know it’s springtime. Even if climate change is trying to hide it from us.

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Work Outside

It’s the end of winter quarter, and the end of Q1 – what better time than now to take your work outside? The vitamin D from the sun that you hopefully have will feel excellent, and being away from bad lighting and computer screens will reinvigorate you!

Grab your books and your sunglasses and hit the books outside. There’s no better way to productively celebrate springtime!

Garden seedling

Start an Herb Garden

You don’t need much space to set down an herb garden. Use a pot or a small patch of soil and drop in some seeds or starts. Before you know it, you’ll be eager to check on your growing plants every day! It’s an excellent way to get outside and feel productive. Plus, free herbs!

Check Out Some Sports

Try grabbing some cheap tickets to the next local sporting event in your city! Aim for an outdoor sport that doesn’t take place in an indoor stadium so you can get that natural light while you take in the game.

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Snagging tickets online is a great way to save money, and sports tickets can get really expensive! Use Vivid Tickets and you could save $10 on tickets. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon and an excellent excuse to eat hot dogs and ice cream.

Play With Your Pets

If your dog or cat doesn’t have their nose pressed to the window by now, it’s only a matter of days. Pets are so sensitive to the changing seasons and they know when it’s time to go play outside again!

Try BarkBox for the dog in your life! It’s a subscription box for dogs and their owners, and it’s full of delicious and exciting treats! It includes toys for you to play with together, and some snacks for after. You can take 40% off of a year of Barkbox for you or a friend with special coupons. It’s the perfect gift to celebrate spring!

dog in car

No pet? That’s okay. Pretend you have a pet by buying something awesome from the Animal Rescue Store which supports the care of rescued animals. We have $5 off coupons for Animal Rescue Store to make your contribution stretch extra far, so be sure that your total is nice and substantial so the organization still benefits.

Go to a National or State Park

When was the last time you went to a park? I mean a really big park – a State or National Park. They are some of the most beautiful pieces of land in our country, and are well worth your visit. You can find dozens of parks within your area, and they likely all have different terrains.

This is a great place to bring kids, too! The introduction to nature can’t come early enough in a child’s life. Look up your local national park here!

What’s your favorite way to celebrate spring outside? Leave it in the comments!