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Start Planning Now for the Best Time to Go to Cedar Point

Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH is known for being a family amusement park. It’s also known to thrill seekers as THE rollercoaster park to visit. Especially with the addition of the new Valravn coaster that boasts the longest, tallest, and fastest dive coaster in the world, breaking records.

But when is the best time to head to Cedar Point. It’s arguable but, what do you hope for when you visit an amusement park? Weather not too hot? Short lines for rides? Not too crowded? Special amenities in the park?7-cedar-point-ferris-wheel

If you answered yes to all those questions you need to start booking now for September weekends. After Labor day, Cedar Point is only open Friday through Sundays (no weekdays) but it is considerably less crowded and the rooms are more affordable. When you compare the same type of room for a weekend in August compared to a weekend in September at Hotel Breakers there is about a $200/night difference in price! This is for a room in Hotel Breakers that sleeps 6.

Cedar Point Hotel Room

For 2016 Starting the weekend of September 16 – Oct 30 are HalloWeekends. Note that Pointfest is Sept 17 so it may be more crowded that day. All rides open (weather permitting) with Halloween decor. You have the addition of lots of haunted houses, each with different park patron tastes in mind. A simple one for the kids/family and it increases to more gory and scary haunted houses. Ghosts, goblins, and other creepers descend on the park after 8pm. If you don’t want your child (or yourself) to be scared by the performers you can purchase a glow in the dark necklace that lets them know to leave you alone. The majority of the scarier amusements are in one area. The kiddie areas and half of the park is ghost free. My son was able to jump from one ride to the other with little or no lines in the evenings.

cedar point joe cool cafe ride

In early September it’s still warm enough to enjoy the private beach at hotel breaks or their swimming areas.  There is even an indoor pool and hot tub if you venture to Cedar Point late September or October.2015 013

I had many conversations with other patrons in the park. The majority told me that this is their favorite time of year to head to Cedar Point. It’s more affordable, less crowded, and the added amenity of HalloWeekends makes it a great time to be there.  This is the best time to book your September and October weekends.