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Stay Cool for Less

stay cool for less pool

If summer’s not already upon you, it’s definitely right around the corner!  Pools are opening, school is letting out, and heat is taking over.  Staying cool by the pool can turn into an expensive habit, but we have some great tips for you to swim for less this summer, whether you’ve got kids or not.

Buy the Right Membership

Fancy gyms can be so alluring.  They’ve got equipment, tennis courts, basketball courts, hot yoga classes, and, of course, pools.  If the pool is what’s catching your eye, think twice.  These types of gym memberships usually come in tiers, and you may end up paying more for pool access.  If you’re not particularly keen on hitting the gym purely to work out, you’ll be paying a hefty fee for that pool access even in the dead of winter.

Look instead into community pools.  The fees for a season pass can be devastating at first glance, but if you know it’s something you or your family are going to use regularly all season, it might be best to bite the bullet and pay up.  Otherwise, you risk paying more for daily admission on a regular basis.

Another membership option is your local YMCA/YWCA.  Many times they will have indoor pools only, but some do have outdoor facilities.  If yours does, the membership is likely much more affordable than the other choices in your community.

If You’re Not A Regular Member

If you enjoy hanging out at the pool, but know yourself well enough to know buying a season pass or membership won’t be worth it, there are still ways to save on that daily admission.  If you have a pool in your community or municipality, many times there will be two entry fees:  one for residents, and a higher one for non-residents.  So before you go to the popular pool two communities over, think local.

If that still doesn’t cut it for you, check and see if there are partial day passes.  Many times if you come past a certain time of day, admission prices will be drastically slashed.  You might not be fighting noon-time heat with a dip, but going later in the day also means less crowds.

Saving on Swim Lessons

The number one thing you can do to save on swim lessons for your kids is to see what your community offers.  Some communities have free lessons; you just have to be quick enough to sign up before they’re full!  Others will offer discounted lessons if you live within the community, much like the admission price reduction above.

If neither of those options work, the YMCA/YWCA usually offers affordable swim lessons for kids.  It may even come in the form of a camp!  To top it all off, there are also typically free or reduced programs for you within these organizations if you’re struggling financially.  This means your kids’ summer fun doesn’t have to be restricted because of your lack of immediate funds.

Shop Smart, Stay Cool

Regardless of what you’re looking for out of your pool membership this summer, there are ways to save.  Don’t forget to check out some promo codes to save on your suit, too!