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Stay Cool on Those Hot Summer Days

Summer and scorching, sunny days seem to go hand in hand, so how do you keep the kids cool when the temperature rises? In Washington, DC one of the best ways to beat the weather is to head to a water park for a day of wet and wild fun.

Splash Water FallsSix Flags America is located just outside the nation’s capital and while it is best known for stomach churning roller coasters it also boasts one of the biggest water parks in the country. At Six Flags you find water adventures for kids of all ages.

Young children can dip their toes in the water at Buccaneer Beach; a two-pool beach oasis complete with a climbable pirate ship. The little guys might also love Bamboo Chutes. These mini-slides have no height requirements and can be quickly mastered by those children that aren’t quite brave enough or big enough to conquer the larger, faster slides.

The whole family will also enjoy Hurricane Bay; a wave pool containing over one million gallons of water! There you can boogie board on four-foot waves or try diving through them just like in the real ocean. The smallest children can play in the shallow areas where the water ripples while the bigger kids can ride wave-after-never-ending-wave.

Castaway Creek

Looking for a little relaxation, try Castaway Creek. This slow trail feels like a quiet day on the lazy river.  Hold hands or grab ahold of each other’s rafts as you mosey through the water.

Tube Slide

The older, more adventurous folks won’t want to leave the park without a ride on the water slides. One of the most heart pounding slides is Bonzai Pipelines, which features a fifty-foot free fall followed by an enclosed, 200 foot pitch-black course of looping body slides.

If that’s not scary enough for you, try Vortex/Riptide, which includes sudden drops and speed-cranking straight sections as the tube bends around into a complete 360 and just when you think the ride is over you’ll find yourself in a vortex, ocean-class spin.


True thrill seekers should also try the Halfpipe; a water slide designed to feel like a roller coaster. Water park enthusiasts can ride a special puffy raft over the edge of a U-shaped half pipe. Your heart will pound as you rush down the four-story wall traveling 23 miles per hour!

Six Flags America has an adventure perfectly suited for everyone in the family. Whether you are out for a heart dropping ride or a relaxing trip down the river Six Flags America will keep you wet and cool. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase discounted tickets online, then grab you sunscreen and swimsuits and head out for a day to remember.