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Staying Fit in Cold Weather

staying fit in cold weather

People tend to put on weight as the weather gets colder. Sure, pumpkin pie and Christmas cookies do little to help, but a good portion of our weight gain stems from staying indoors and becoming less active.

This year, don’t let the cold weather foil your plans to stay fit. Here are three ways to enjoy the outdoors, even when it turns into a winter wonderland.

Ski and Snowboard

Skiing and snowboarding are both great whole-body exercises. Making your way down the slopes burns a ton of calories, but can be a pricey hobby. To cut back on costs, look for ski and board rentals outside of the resort itself. These tend to be cheaper, but if you go enough, it could be cheaper still to break down and buy your very own equipment.

Lift tickets can be another huge expense. If you belong to any community centers or other like local organizations, see if they have a group that goes up regularly. Group rates are typically drastically lower than listed ticket prices. If you don’t belong to such an organization, do an internet search for a group in your area. Many groups have sprung up in recent  years just for this purpose; to help a bunch of individuals get a group rate.

Dress Warm

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to stop your daily jog. As long as there isn’t ice on the sidewalk or road, you can still get your workout in if you bundle up. Retailers like Sport Chek sell everything from polar to performance fleece gear to keep you warm in the elements. There are even moisture wicking hoods to keep your face protected from wind burn and frostbite. Performance apparel can be expensive, so be sure to use promo codes to cut down on costs.

Outdoor Chores

Don’t underestimate the calorie-burning power of shoveling out your driveway. If you don’t have a driveway, odds are you’ll have to shovel out a parking spot to parallel park. Other outdoor chores include shoveling your walkway, and the sidewalk on your property. (Watch out on this last one. In many areas, failing to do so opens you up for liabilities if someone slips and falls.)

If you’re lucky enough to have done all this, and there hasn’t been another snowfall, use your next workout session to help a neighbor. It could be an elderly person who can’t do it themselves, or a family who has so much going on they struggle to find the time. Whatever you do, don’t go knocking door to door offering your services for cash. That stops being acceptable when your age is no longer followed by “teen.”

Braving the Cold

It’s so much easier to sit inside where it’s nice and warm, but by braving the elements, you’ll be putting yourself one step ahead. In the Spring, when everyone else is stressing about losing weight for swimsuit season, you’ll have less to worry about since you’ve been working out the whole winter through.