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Staying Warm on Chilly Summer Nights

Now that we’re at the middle of summer, the nights will begin to get cooler as the season winds down. If you plan on spending the day at the boardwalk, beach, or even an outdoor restaurant, you’re going to want something to cover you in case it gets cold. To keep yourself warm on those chilly summer nights, consider bringing one of these with you, or at least stowed somewhere in the backseat of your car!1

Throw-over Hoodies

Hoodies are the perfect solution after the sun goes down. They’re easy to carry along with you, tie around your waist, or just keep rolled up in your bag. You can throw them over your body when it gets cold, and it’ll pretty much match with anything. Hollister has a ton of great hoodies to choose from for girls and guys, which are light enough for the summertime.2

Easy Sweaters and Cardigans

Sweaters and cardigans are great for keeping away a chill. Made for men and women, it’s easy to find a type that works for you. Just style it over whatever shirt you are wearing, and continue on with your night without worrying about the goose bumps. If you’re not sure what to get, go for a solid color that’s open in the front. This way, you’ll get way more use out of it than one with a print. Check out for a great selection of sweaters and cardigans, each offered at an unbeatable price.3

Cozy Flannels

They may look lumber-jack, but isn’t that the whole point of wearing a flannel, anyway? Flannels are a favorite for any type of outdoor activity. If you don’t have one, either because your girlfriend takes yours or you’ve never gotten around to it, then now is the time. They are so fun to wear and will keep you comfy when the temperature drops!Flannels_5

Thin Jackets

A thin jacket can be nice to have if you’re heading somewhere where summer feels a bit different; up in the mountains, or beside a windy coastline. There are plenty of choices you can find that are made from a light material, keeping you warm enough without getting hot flashes. Take a look at the deals available at Modlily.5

Decorative Kimonos

If you like to be a bit more “edgy” with your clothing choices, then consider a kimono. Forever 21 has an awesome selection of gorgeous kimonos, which make great cover-ups on summer evenings. They are super light and airy, and look cool with anything! Check out the blazers, too.00205369-01

A Light Blanket

Why get a sweater when you can just bring a blanket? Having a light blanket on your person can come in very handy over the summer. Use it to sit at the beach, or when it gets cold after dinner time. For something different, go for the Mandala Beach Blanket by Vessos. For something simple, go for the travel blanket by Travelsmith, which comes in many different colors.7

Remember: Any blanket is perfect for a cuddle sets’ around the campfire! 😉

The nights will start to get cooler soon, and you definitely don’t want to be unprepared. Get yourself one of these items at a great price, and never have to worry about being the “cold person” again!