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Stock Your Wardrobe with Flannels Galore!


It’s that time of year again where the weather is starting to get cold. Even though there are definitely a few days with sunshine left, it won’t be long before you’re going through your closet, looking for a cover-up on a chilly, late-summer day.

But, if while searching through your wardrobe you can’t find much, then it’s time to go shopping! And, not just for any warm sweatshirt or cover-up, but for the one piece of clothing that men, women, and children can sport: a flannel!

Without looking too much like a lumberjack this season, there are plenty of stores that are having excellent deals on flannels. Here’s where to find them and what to look out for!

The Gap

If you’re looking for clothing that’s not only warm but very reliable, look no further than The Gap. The Gap has clothing for every season, and although it might be a tad more on the expensive side, it’s worth it. They have flannels for boys, girls, and men and women of all shapes and sizes, and in all colors and styles. Now, you can head to their online store and take a look at what flannels they have.


Forever 21

Need a flannel you can just throw over yourself, that’s not too expensive? You know where to go. Forever 21 has an excellent selection of late-summer/fall clothing, that won’t break the bank. And, their flannels come in every color you could imagine. Sure, they may not be as heavy-duty as the rest on this list, but they are great, affordable pieces you can add to your wardrobe. Best of all, you can get 10% off your purchase, so stock up on as many flannels as you feel like!

H + M

Similar to Forever 21, H + M has so many different pieces to choose from that are all quite affordable. Whether you’re in the mood for a unique zip-up flannel with a hood or a classic flannel for your boyfriend (which you’re obviously going to steal), they have it here. Now, you can save up to 80% off on their summer blowout, so you should have no problem finding flannels for all your friends and family at a store you already know and love.


Old Navy

It’s pretty much guaranteed that at America’s favorite past-time store — Old Navy — you’ll find the flannel(s) you’re looking for. Whether you’re interested in something you can wear to a nice dinner or something you can just throw over yourself like a blanket on a cold fall day, they got it here. Of course, it will be hard to shop here without taking advantage of all the other deals they offer. But, if you’re looking to get in and out with just buying what you need from this store (echem…flannels) then you’ll be happy to hear that you can get 30% off your next online order!

Don’t be the last of your friends to rock a flannel this season. Get that old, classic black and red flannel you’ve been meaning to get for years or just add another one to the selection. Whatever you do, don’t spend more than you need to by saving with these deals!