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Stocking Stuffers for the Whole Family

Have you gotten your stocking gifts or stocking stuffers yet? Ah, the stockings were hung by the chimney with care- but those stockings are often overlooked by parents, who are thinking more about the big picture Christmas gifts. Those stockings need to be filled with little gifts, too! But why do we even hang stockings up on Christmas Eve?

The origin of the Christmas stocking is a tale of Saint Nick. Folklore tells the story of a nobleman whose wife had died, leaving him penniless with three daughters. Left with no money for a dowry, the nobleman was worried about the dowry for his daughters to marry. On Christmas, Saint Nicholas came to their home and saw the girls’ stockings hanging to dry above the fireplace. He then filled them with gold and the nobleman’s daughters were able to marry.
Versions of this tale have been circulating for decades, each with their own twist on how the nobleman came to be poor or what Saint Nick was doing at their home that night. Regardless of the truth in the tale, it is one that has been told for years across the globe.

If you’re still looking for stocking stuffers, there’s still time to get some great deals on those little things that are perfect to tuck into those cute stockings.

baymax-and-hiro-from-big-hero-6-in-disney-infinity-2-0Little toys like Hot Wheel Cars are awesome stocking stuffers for boys. If your kids have the Disney Infinity game console, you might want to check to see which characters they have, and stock up on the ones they don’t have. The characters are small enough to fit into stockings, and make great small gifts. Disney Infinity is being discontinued, so buy these while you can! You can save up to 15% off your purchase at Toys R Us.


Girls of all ages love jewelry, and you can’t go wrong with gifting a new necklace, earrings, or a bracelet. These types of small jewelry items are perfect to tuck into stockings for Christmas. Stock up on lots of little pieces and save at Claire’s. Right now, you can save up to 60% on holiday dress up items, or buy one, get one free on select holiday gifts! With such a great deal going on, you can get a gift for Christmas, and then put one away for another occasion like a birthday or special treat.


Boot cuffs make really cute gifts for teens, young adults, or grown women who love to dress in trendy outfits. These not only look cute, but they’ll keep feet and legs extra warm in those skinny jeans or leggings. You can have the boot cuffs monogrammed to give them that extra special touch for the holidays. Tuck a pair or two into a stocking for a special gift that they will love! Look for similar boot cuffs on Etsy, or check around local boutiques to see what they might have available.


It may seem like the type of gift you might want to roll your eyes at, but a personal grooming tool like a nose hair trimmer, is a great stocking stuffer gift for guys. It’s a much-needed gift, and would be well received and appreciated. Other grooming tools you might want to tuck into their stockings are things like nail scissors or clippers, a beard or mustache comb, nicely scented body wash, beard conditioner, etc. If you’re looking for something sort of humorous to gift, try Poopouri! It’s a popular gift item sold online and in many specialty shops and boutiques. It’s sure to bring a chuckle on Christmas Day when you open up your stocking presents!

Stocking stuffers don’t have to be stumpers! Just picking a few little things that will be used and well liked will do. You can ad candies and gum, or fresh fruit to fill it up to the brim, if you like!