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Stocking Stuffers for Your Pet

When you have a pet, they’re a part of the family. I know this because my youngest just drew a family portrait with our cat included.

I also know this because of the immense love we feel for the animals that are there for us, day in and day out. When we’re having a bad day, they cheer us up. When we’re having a good day, they make it better. They don’t care if we’ve put on makeup or landed a big contract at work; they love us for who we are unconditionally.

Since they’re part of the family, it’s only right to include them in the tradition of family gift giving. If you’re struggling to figure out how to stuff your pet’s stocking, here are some stellar ideas from PetCo.



Before you can stuff a stocking, you’ll need the stocking itself. Under $10, these two options are both adorable and affordable. And that’s before you account for the use of promo codes. Which we all use, right?

Naughty & Nice Gift Sets for Dogs


Does your dog go through the trash while you’re gone? Naughty list. Does she round up your children when it’s time for dinner? Nice list all day. You love your dog no matter where they fall on Santa’s list of judgement, but these unique gift sets are a funny way of giving for their unique personalities.

The “nice” gift set includes light and bright reindeer, polar bear and chew toys. It also comes with a tennis ball, rope and a letter to Santa.

The “naughty” gift isn’t short of any items, despite its theme. The biggest difference is the color scheme and the fact that the red “nice” bone is replaced with a “lump of coal” toy. Chew toys are green, and instead of a polar bear and reindeer, you’ll get a penguin and a moose.



If you have a long-haired cat, you NEED a Furminator. It gets more of that extra hair off than any other brush with a quarter of the effort, and cleans itself with a simple push of a button. While your cat might not immediately appreciate it as a fun gift, regular use will decrease fur balls significantly. What better gift is there than that—for everyone involved?

Cosmic Catnip Banana Toy


Okay, okay. We get it. You want to give your cat something a little more…fun. Look no further than this catnip-filled banana. Cosmic catnip is some of the most potent stuff around, and it’s secured in this play-inducing banana. Your cat will be happy because it’s crazy fun. You’ll be happy because your cat will get a crazy amount of exercise. And your budget will be happy because it’s under $5.

Wild Thing Electronic Cat Toy


As cats get older, they get a little less enthused. They’ve figured out that it’s you on the other end of that stick waving a feather in front of them. Reinvigorate their kitten-like wonder with this electronic cat toy. It still operates off the old feather on a stick idea, but it wobbles and twists and turns all by itself. Sure to keep your cat guessing, it will also encourage healthy play.