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Store Review Of Clutchtees.Com

An exclusive tee store–! This is what you all have been waiting for! Yeah! A US based online tee store that has a warehouse just a little outside of Washington DC, Virginia. But they don’t do orders in the warehouse and neither do they need you to come up and purchase tees. It’s a thoroughly online business and there is NO dearth of styles, style statements and of course sizes!

Clutchtees store

But why should you purchase from them? Simple! Because they hand print each T-shirt to order!

Clutch tees have a 30 day return policy as well on unworn, unwashed and new condition garments. You will not get a refund on the shipping charges though. Their rare vintage tees have limited return. But, honestly! Why would you return a vintage tee! Want to know more about their vintage tees. Keep reading.

Their vintage stuff is not made up. It’s quality from the past. Some of the prints that they have are a Nixon bowling shirt, an 80’s corvette tee, a disco pink panther shirt, a glitter butterfly or a glitter pineapple martini shirt and the list is endless. You could also choose some retro soft styles for particular occasions. You can choose the men’s, women’s or hoodie style and sizes are available from small to 5XL. If you want to go beyond that, just speak to their customer service representative!

Now let’s take a peek at what other kind of tees they offer.

1. Funny tees: This is a funny category! Ever worn a tuxedo t-shirt print? Well that’s what this category is about. You can choose from Charlie bit me tees, pimping is easy tees to it’s a celebration bitches tee and more. You can even opt for long sleeved tees. They have a tapered fit too for more comfort and more room. Plus the fabric is ring spun cotton and super soft!

2. Pop-culture tees: Tacogrilled cheese tee, get to da choppa tee, sexual chocolate tee and so on. They are available in almost 13 colors with two of them being two- toned. Every tee has its own vision to it and you can wear it either for the style or for the sentiment! Either way they look great, just be sure to get your correct size.

3. Offensive tees: They have this segment so that you can make bold statements and stay in the public eye! Right cougar hunter tees to who farted ones, they are daring and comfortable at the same time. These tees have their own feel to it. Check out the website for more options.

4. Political tees: They come in handy when you are polling for somebody or not. There are options from funny Che Guevara to dinosaurs are Jesusponies’ tees. They don’t mean to offend anybody’s sensibilities, but they are just a different way of lightening things up.

Apart from all this, there are also the geek tees and the holiday tees, not to mention the sale ones too. You can choose from them by your size since they are all limited stock supply! And in case you have Clutch Tees coupons and deals, avail them by all means.