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Stylish Dorm Room Essentials

When headed back to college, the last thing a student wants to do is sit in a stark room that in no way reflects their personal style. The best way for a college student to feel right at home (in their home away from home) is to bring along essentials and decor that will make them feel like they never left home in the first place. Check with the school’s policies or find a resident advisor to help make sure that any items being brought into the dorm room are allowed, and not against school rules. Space is always an issue in shared dorm rooms and living spaces, so bringing along the necessary items when it comes to clothing and accessories will help save space for other important items. Coordinating with a roommate can also be quite helpful in figuring out what type of decor might be used in a dorm room.

Show off style through decor and accessories. Sometimes adding a bit of personal style to a very small and shared space is as easy as adding a pop of color by purchasing a new comforter. Add other coordinating colors through throw pillows of various sizes. Comforter sets are a great value, as they usually give you everything you need for bedding, like a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and comforter or duvet cover. If you’re used to sleeping with a heavier blanket, such as a down comforter, you’ll probably want to have one with you at school. You may not sleep as well without the added weight. Be sure to purchase extra sheets (at least one extra set) so that you’ll have clean sheets when you need to do laundry and wash bedding.

Add little touches with accents, such as memo boards, lamps, small mirrors, and photo frames. Having photos of friends and loved ones framed and sitting on a shelf or desk can really help you feel less homesick. Just seeing their smiling faces through a photo might help ease any anxieties you may be feeling. Target has everything you need for your dorm room and right now, you can get $20.00 off a $100.00 purchase! Don’t forget laundry essentials!

A mini fridge is a must for a dorm room. Unless you have a large common area with a shared refrigerator, you’ll want to have a small fridge in your room that you can keep small perishables in. It’s perfect for being able to store food items like yogurt, small frozen foods, soda cans, etc. Just be sure to keep it clean, and to label any food items that you don’t want roommates helping themselves to. You may be asked to defrost your fridge if you go home for a long holiday, so be prepared to take food items with you, or give them away to someone else. Shop Sears to save $5.00 off a $50.00 purchase.


For students who enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea anytime of the day or night, a mini Keurig is a great option. It’ll save you from having to walk to the campus cafeteria or trying to find a local coffee shop. You can easily brew hot coffee, hot chocolate or tea right in the comfort of your room. Special edition collegiate versions of the mini Keurig are available for different schools. Get 20% off sitewide, plus free shipping at Keurig.

As wonderful as it is to have a great dorm room, don’t forget to be caring and share some of the things that you love so well with your new college friends!