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Subscription Gifts for the Food Lover

Do you have a friend or family member who craves cooking, baking and preparing delectable foods? Does he or she seem to have every kitchen gadget known to man and spend any and all free time chopping, dicing and stirring? Are you looking for a unique gift for the food lover in your life? If so, check out these fun subscriptions that will make any foodies’ heart swoon.

Beer Brewing Subscription
beer-brewing-subscriptionSome folks like mixed drinks, some wine and others beer. The beer lover in your life might enjoy bottling their own brew and this beer-making subscription kit might just be the perfect gift to set under your Christmas tree. You can choose from a six-month or year-long subscription that includes three new beer mixes and 3 packets of sanitizer. Each included mix will be a seasonal surprise complete with its own set of brewing instructions. If you purchase the Beer Making Kit your recipient will also receive a one gallon glass fermenter, tubing, thermometer, tubing clamp, sanitizer, stopper, blow off attachment, ingredient mix for Everyday IPA and a detailed instruction guide.

2. Small-Batch Quarterly Hot Sauce Subscription
hot-sauce-delivery Do you know someone who enjoys cooking with heat and spices? Do you think he or she would enjoy a quarterly subscription service delivering gourmet hot sauces? When you think of hot sauce you might picture tiny glass bottles wrapped in paper depicting fire breathing dragons and red-faced devils. That won’t be the case with this subscription service. Fuego Box will ship out three hot sauces every quarter that guarantee not to burn your mouth with over the top spiciness. Instead they focus on hot sauces that deliver good taste with just the right amount of heat.

3. Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Subscription
balsamic-vinegarHave you ever noticed how many bottles of Balsamic Vinegar line the shelves of a gourmet grocery store? With so many options available it can be difficult to decide which one to choose, but once you find the right bottle you are unlikely to switch back to anything less. If your friend or family member loves to drizzle balsamic vinegar over mozzarella and tomatoes or pour it over the top of their Parmigiano Reggiano cheese then consider buying them a balsamic vinegar subscription. Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is balsamic at its best. Your gift recipient will receive one 8.45 ounce bottle delivered to their door every three months.

4. Adopt an Olive Tree Gift Box and Subscription
olive-oilEvery good cook has at least one or two bottles of olive oil in their kitchen and you can bet that a hand crafted bottle of olive oil won’t go to waste. This gift subscription provides a 3-liter tin of olive oil from a different grove every three months as well as a ceramic olive oil cruet with funnel made by Puglian artisans, an adoption certificate for your olive tree and a handmade wooden gift box. With this purchase you’ll become part of the proud tradition of olive oil making while supporting the local farmers and producers who keep these time-honored traditions alive.

5. Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription
blue-bottleWho can get through the workday without that morning caffeine fix? If you have a friend or family member who enjoys coffee consider a 12-month subscription to Blue Bottle Coffee. Every month your recipient will receive two signature bags of Blue Bottle whole beans. He or she will receive the freshest, most responsibly sourced beans from places like Peru, Guatemala, Sumatra and Ethiopia. Best of all each month’s blend is a surprise!

You can find all of these fun subscriptions and many other great gift ideas at Food52.