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Summer Camp Must-Haves for Kids

Are your kids heading to camp this summer? Camp can be a wonderful experience for boys and girls of all ages. Today, there are thousands of different types of summer camps available all over the world. Day camps are a great way to get your kids involved in a specialized camp that it tailored to their interests. Most kids will want to experience a wilderness camp at least once in their lives. It can be a bit stressful for parents to leave their kids for an entire week at summer camp, but the distance can actually be wonderful for your relationship with your kids, not to mention their development and personal growth. Most camps have rules set as to what campers can and cannot bring with them to camp, but there are definitely some essential items you will want to make sure your camper has to help them make the most of their camp experience.

Comfortable clothes are a necessity at camp. Your kids are probably going to be spending the majority of their time outside and will need to be comfortable. Pack a week’s worth of t-shirts, shorts, undergarments, and a nice pair or pants or shorts with a nice polo shirt. Some camps have an end of the week dance to wrap up their week of camp. Comfortable shoes like sneakers or trail shoes will help your kids keep up with all of the walking that they’ll be doing. Pack extra pairs of socks, in case their socks wind up getting wet during the day. One pair of pajamas should be sufficient for one week at camp. If you need to stock up on tees and shorts, Children’s Place has free shipping on all orders!

Most camps will want their campers to bring reusable water bottles with them to use through out the week. This cuts down on waste for the camp, and for the earth. Let your child help choose a water bottle that they’ll really enjoy using. There are fantastic water bottles at ZAK! Designs that are in fun designs and colors, and match kids personalities. Choose a water bottle that’s easy for your child to keep up with, and one that they’ll be able to use with little to no assistance. When you sign up at, you’ll get a cool freebie with your order!

Put their name on all of the belongings. It might seem like a tedious extra step, but you’ll be so glad that you labeled your kid’s clothing and other belongings before taking them to camp. Mabel’s Labels has awesome camp packs of labels that are so easy to use! Just stick them onto water bottles, shoes, gear, clothing, and more. You can even purchase the iron-on or heat transfer labels for clothing. Refer a friend to Mabel’s Labels and get 20% off your order.

Tuck a little journal into your child’s bag, with a pack or markers, colored pens or pencils. They might not love the idea of journaling if you mention it to them beforehand, but if they find a little quiet time in their day, they might be willing to jot down their thoughts or draw some pictures to share about their camp experience. It’ll be a nice keepsake for when they’re older.

Don’t forget to pack some tissues- not for the kids, but for you! You might just need them at drop off/pick up!