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Summer Skin Care Products We Love

It’s now midsummer and the sun, chlorine, and salt water may have done quite a number on your skin. It’s all good if you have a summer glow that hides the imperfections, but you’ll want to be fall weather ready when the tan fades. Follow these simple guidelines and try these amazing products to keep your skin, healthy, glowing, fresh, and young.

Exfoliate, especially after a day in the sun or at the beach. 

We love Oil of Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion and Peel System. It sounds much scarier than it is. It’s a simple two step process containing a gel and foam. It’s for use twice per week, but start slow if you have sensitive skin. Either way, it’s inexpensive and it works. Check it out at Ulta (buy Oil Olay product, and get the second at 50% right now!).

Hydrate freshly exfoliated skin.

Believe it or not, Coconut oil or something similar is great for hydration. It will absolutely not clog pores and it’s pure, and inexpensive. There are no grand claims here, except that it works in creating smooth, glowing skin.

Drink a ton of water–half your body weight in ounces is the rule of thumb. When you’re hydrated, your skin is, too.

Get a Nalgene bottle with measurements, so you can keep track of your intake. If you’re not drinking enough, you’ll know. Numbers don’t lie.

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Apply 30 SPF Every. Single. Morning.

A simple BB cream will do. And then we found pretty much the solution to all of your SPF problems. It’s called Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF45. It’s a talc powder with an attached brush for easy, quick, access on those days when you’re eating lunch outside with your friends or colleagues. When it comes to the beach, go for the big guns, but for your daily routing, make sure you’re including SPF. Check out Peter Thomas Roth at Sephora.

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Apply a mask once per week containing anti-oxidants and other vitamins such as A, C, E, and F.

When your skin is damaged (aka every single time you have a tan), you should seek to repair the damage. In many ways sun damage is irreversable, but you can give your skin some extra TLC to minimize visible damage. Our pick is the Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask by Dermalogica. It contains all of the key vitamins and exfoliates, hydrates, and reduces fine lines and age spots.