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Sunglasses – The Right Ones for Your Eyes

sunglasses2Sun has been the essence of Life in the Universe. It has caused the inception of the world, and has been lighting our lives up every day. But more than it is worshipped for its life-giving aspects; it has been chided for its disadvantages. The fatal Ultraviolet rays have counterbalanced the goodness of Sun’s rays, and people have come up with their own good methods of staying away from the Sun’s wrath.
Back in 1930s, when the sunglasses had just entered the market, they were a shield from the Sun and the harmful UV rays. But today, it is more of a fashion accessory. However, we cannot neglect the origin and have to keep in mind that besides presenting us as fashionable, they should save our eyes too.
Check these points to maintain the right proportion between Fashion and Comfort…
• The Number Game.
When buying sunglasses, it is very important for the buyer to know whether or not they meet the least requirement of blocking the ultraviolet rays, both A and B. Thus, check the numbers when putting your money in a pair of uberstylish sunglasses, and pick the ones that give you at least 99% protection. They could very well fare your health.
• Fit me well.
There are all sorts of shapes and sizes available in sunglasses, leaving a little for the imagination. But it is upto us to choose the one that is ‘made for you’. When buying a new pair, make sure that you keep the one that covers up the sides of your eyes, thus blocking any dust or sun rays from entering the eyes. Pick a size that does not drop when you face the ground.
• The Lens that saves.
It is the lens that saves the eyes from the radiations. Thus, choose the glasses that cater to your eyes. Do not step back when you come across the photo-chromatic glasses or the plastic lens, they have been the hot favorites among the masses today for their anti-glare properties.
• Be practical.
However ardently we advocate the use of sunglasses when you are out in the Sun, it cannot be neglected that those who wear spectacles cannot comply easily. Thus, the market has seen a revolution in the form of clip-on lenses that can be fixed and removed as per the wearer’s need. Besides, tinted eyeglasses save from the sun’s wrath too.
There is no second opinion when it comes to saving the eyes. We all wish to do it. But if we keep the basic tips in mind, we can end up with a pair that saves us the best.

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