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Super Bowl Blow-Out on a Budget

With the American dollar being stretched to its limit, the secret to a perfect Super Bowl party is to provide your guests with a memorable football experience without breaking the bank. With proper planning and bargain shopping, you can throw a Super Bowl party that you and your guests will remember long after the game ends. A good place to start the planning is to pay a visit to From the home page, you can choose the play that scores a bargain touchdown, making you the MVP of money savings and the king or queen of your Super Bowl party.

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Last year an amazing 111 million football fans watched the Super Bowl, of which, 70 million new HDTV’s were sold for the big game. Stores like Wal-Mart Super Centers and Target department stores work to score your confidence and to give you the ultimate football game day bargain, whether you need to score the best snack deals or catch the winning deal on HDTV technology. On Super Bowl Sunday, Wal-Mart wants to help your party be the Super Bowl extravaganza of your dreams, combining the highest quality 3D HDTV (Vizio 60in. class LED/LCD 1080p Smart Ultra-Slim) on the market with the exclusive full motion wall mount kit for an incredible $999, plus tax and free delivery.

That’s an incredible $300 savings off the WalMart everyday low price. Also, while you are there, you can get the other items on your game day food shopping list and rest assured that your team will get the lowest price available with Wal -Marts exclusive price match guarantee. If your favorite retail champion is Target, they also offer $300 savings on some of your favorite brands.

As the big game approaches, football fans all over the country debate the best Super Bowl food to prepare for the big game between the 49ers and the Ravens. Some devoted football fans believe their secret stash of best Super Bowl recipes is the key to a successful Super Bowl party. Other football fanatics believe that purchasing already prepared foods for their Super Bowl party is the best strategy. That way, the host can concentrate on entertaining the guests and not be concerned with preparing the game day foods.

Why not combine both options and give your guests the best Super Bowl foods and famous game day snacks available? Pizza is on everyone’s scoreboard; when it comes to choosing fresh, hot football food the master pizza chefs at Papa John’s Pizza can deliver. They are graciously giving away over one million pizzas in the Super Bowl coin toss game. Through February 2, 2013, vote heads or tails in the Papa John’s Super Bowl coin toss and if you make the right call during the Super Bowl XLVII coin toss, you win a free large pizza. The winning code will be emailed to winners on 2/4/13.

Also, Papa’s will also offer $10 large pizzas or you can choose another play- 25% off your entire order- what a winner! Dominos quickly answers with a scoring drive by offering 3-topping carry-out large pizzas for $7.99 each. Pizza Hut won’t be left out of the game and slashes $5 off all pizzas on their special(ty) teams menu.

Now, the food plays are chosen and the new HDTV is in formation, the professional staff at the NFL Shop drives home the winning extra point with an apparel kick to be proud of. They plan on bringing great deals to the game with Super Bowl apparel and memorabilia starting at only $12.99. KOHLS won’t be forgotten in this sales playoff boosting a huge 50% off all NFL apparel in stock sale through February 3, 2013, amazing!

Whichever way you decide to play it, going on the offensive with is a safe, dependable winning call.  For Super Bowl Sunday, you can rest assured that you have created a party play book that your entire team will appreciate. Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday with those amazing Super Bowl coupons & deals!