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Super Easy and Healthy Halloween Party Snacks

Halloween party marks the time of year when our diets really start to take a turn for the worse. It starts at Labor Day, and by the new year, it’s a miracle if you haven’t gained a couple of pounds. It doesn’t have to be this way! The internet has taught me so many good health food hacks, and now that we’re a couple weeks away from the holiday wherein the only currency is candy, it’s time to be extra vigilante.

If you’re on a quest to be more healthy this holiday season, you’re not alone! As someone who is constantly trying to avoid this 50% off code for Candy Club subscriptions, I am right there with you.  There are tons of moms, dads, sisters, brothers, and even kids out there trying to stay away from excessive sugar and fat. It’s especially important for kids to keep it in moderation. One day a year won’t hurt, but you need two hands to count the number of holidays coming up wherein pies are involved.

Trust me, I don’t want to skimp on the sweet any more than you do! That’s why I rounded up these easy, clever, and nutrition-boosted halloween treat recipes! These snacks are perfect for your Halloween party. Keep the trick-or-treater’s candy wrapped and individual for safety reasons, and let your guests get down on these delicious Halloween party snacks.

Boonana White Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas - Halloween Treats

Boo-nana Pops from Paging Super Mom

Frozen bananas dipped into white chocolate and decorated with whatever you want! Mini chocolate chips would be delicious eyes…

Clementine Pumpkins Halloween Snacks

Clementine Pumpkins from Food Lion

This is maybe too healthy for Halloween. A stick of celery stuck in the top of a peeled orange definitely looks like an adorable little pumpkin! It’s nice having the peel removed, easy access for kiddos!

Popcorn Witch's Hand - Healthy Halloween Snacks

Popcorn Witch’s Hands from Toni Spillsbury

These are a classic! Popcorn isn’t that bad when it comes to snacks and nutrition, and you even get some bonus candy corn fingernails!

String Cheese Ghosts - Healthy Halloween Snacks

Ghost Cheese from Natural Noshing

Yet another delicious food that looks great as a ghost! These little string cheese chunks are full of protein and the eyes are made of currants which are tiny dried fruits.

Grape Caterpillar Kebabs - Healthy Halloween Snacks

Grape Caterpillars from A Spotted Pony

Who doesn’t love grapes? And sliding them down a skewer couldn’t be easier. You could even get the kids to help with prep! Their little eyes are so cute.

Apple Smiles - Marshmallow Halloween Treats

Apple Smiles from Just a Pinch

These smiles are cheerful, but could easily be made into spooky, ghoulish smiles if the maker was so inclined. Marshmallows make great teeth, but the sugar in them can weaken teeth, so be judicious! Luckily, marshmallows are a fat free food, so at least we have that to feel good about.

And last but certainly not least…

Spooky Watermelon Full of Other Fruit

Watermelon with Fruit Guts!

This watermelon will get more giggles than scares, I think. It’s a great excuse to eat a ton of fruit, too!

Stock up on supplies before your Halloween party, and be sure you have small disposable plates so guests can walk around with their food and go back for more! That way, people don’t crowd around your food table picking at things. Save 10% at Webstaurant with our coupon codes and get ready for the best, healthiest Halloween yet!