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Tableware— Save, Because You Can!

Food is the ultimate fodder of one’s life. But some among us are too passionate about food, and they like to have it with all the élan and grandeur. But strangely, what we have termed as regally as “élan” and “grandeur” is not that ‘royal’ today. A well-laid out dining table is a common sight in many homes, elaborate with its tableware, which speaks of the owner, and his distinguished style. A mere glance at them can reassure us that the owner is a well-off person with a taste for class.

tablewareWell, not always… There is no magnificence linked with having a classic tableware. It sure is much in vogue and high in demand, but if you are a smart shopper, you can very well get away with a much less expense as compared to what you would have spared for a set. We will tell you how…

• Know what builds up

If you risk coming home with just half of the tableware, you better know what all constitutes a complete set.
Silverware (Flatware) is the set of spoons, forks, knives and tongs that come in direct contact with the food.
Dinnerware includes the set of plates, dishes and bowls that you place your food on. Matching mugs are tagged along.
Drinkware (Glassware) is the complete set of glasses for fluids, like tumblers, pint gasses and shot glasses.
Stemware is a parallel branch of Glassware and the wine glasses, that have a stem to hold them with, are counted in this one.

• Know the maths

Tableware is complete only if all the components are available in the right number. Thus, it is wise for you to buy a set of 16+20+12 the first time you step out, to prevent another trip where you might have to spend insanely to get the matching parts. Get 16-piece Dinnerware, 20-piece Silverware and 12-piece Glassware is the smartest Maths you would need.

Also, if the brand allows, buy a few extra pieces to make up for any loss while handling. They are quite delicate, just so you know.

• Know the leaders

When investing in Tableware for the first time, it is good for you if you can get many options under one roof. Thus, it is wise to visit a departmental store that offers you many options to choose the best one from. And once you have spotted the one that works the best for you, you may order a set online and save a little more the next time.