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6 Delicious Summer Blueberry Recipes

Blueberry picking time is here, they are just right for harvesting. In New York State, we love to go blueberry picking. We are blessed to have several large bushes on our property that have been here for decades. If you love the taste of fresh picked blueberries as much as we do, you might like these… Continue reading 6 Delicious Summer Blueberry Recipes

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5 Refreshing Summer Desserts

Summer is sweet and should be savored just like dessert. When you think of summer desserts, think refreshing. No one wants to be slaving over a hot oven during the summer. Here are some dessert recipes that are deliciously refreshing, and the perfect complement to your next summer barbeque, picnic or get-together. Most don’t require any… Continue reading 5 Refreshing Summer Desserts

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Secrets to Making Beautiful Summertime Desserts

Finally, we are entering the season of fresh fruits, vegetables, and family get-togethers. To me, that sounds like desserts. Strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries, blueberry tarts with fresh blueberries, and Lord only knows what other creations people have come up with to celebrate the literal fruits of summertime. It’s not just fruit and vegetables at the… Continue reading Secrets to Making Beautiful Summertime Desserts