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Tailgating Essentials for Game Day

September has arrived and with it comes the season for tailgating. Now is the time to pull out your jerseys, fire up your grills and get ready for some football. Are you ready to hit the pavement with your friends and family? Before you head out to the next big game make certain you have everything you need. Here are a few tailgating supplies that you’ll be happy you packed.



Let’s face it. A tailgate wouldn’t be much of a tailgate without a large cooler filled with ice, sodas and beer. While any old cooler will probably fulfill your needs I would suggest searching for one on wheels. Once you load a cooler to the brim with an entire day’s worth of cold drinks you’ll most likely find it too heavy to move. The models with wheels allow you to tilt the cooler ever so slightly and wheel it around from one parking space to the next. Most coolers do little more than house ice, but the Coolest Cooler includes an ice-crushing blender, Bluetooth speaker, USB charger, LED lights and built-in bottle opener. It also includes extra thick insulation, which can keep your ice cold for up to five days.


coleman portable grill

So you have an ice-cold beer in one hand, now you need some food in the other. While you could pack sandwiches or subs most hardcore tailgating fans will bring along a portable grill for roasting hotdogs, brats and sausages. While there are many options available this is another game day essential that works better on wheels. There will be a lot of cars in the parking lot on game day and you will most likely need to shift things around as the spaces around you fill up with cars and fans. Most wheeled models are compact for travel, but can be pulled up to waist height when in use. This Coleman Roadtrip LXE portable gas grill from BJs would make an excellent choice.


tentThe temperature on hot pavement can rise quite quickly. If the sun is shining and the grill is kicking out heat you will quickly find yourself drenched in sweat. Want an easy way to stay cool? Purchase a large canopy tent bearing the logo of your favorite sports team. You can show your team spirit while simultaneously avoiding the heat or the rain. With the help of a few fellow tailgaters you can set these tents up relatively quickly and it’s even faster and easier to take them down.


corn hole game

Hardcore tailgating fans will arrive hours before the game officially begins. What will you do with all that time other than eat and drink? How about a rousing game of corn hole? I love this football inspired beanbag toss game from If you don’t have any extra room to transport a large game of corn hole then simply bring along a football. Both kids and adults love to toss the ball while they wait for the stadium to open.

Now that you are all prepped and dressed for the occasion don’t forget to pack the most important item of all: tickets to the big game!