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Take Out or Delivery? Better Food Options for Less


It would be perfectly frugal to cook all of your meals from scratch every single night of the year, preparing fabulous dishes, and cleaning those dishes immediately after dinner is over.  

It would be perfectly frugal, but it’s also perfectly unrealistic.  Every once in awhile, we all cave for pizza night.  It takes some stress off the house chef, and allows everyone to indulge in a craving.  Heaven forbid, we might even take a break from the dining room table and watch some TV while we chow down.

For those pizza night splurges, we have some deals for you from some pretty innovative companies.  We didn’t think pizza night could get anymore exciting, but somehow, they’re making it happen.

Marco’s and Family Video

Marco’s is a great pizza chain that got its start in Toledo, Ohio, but has had such great success that they’ve expanded to locations in 35 different states.  They’ve got delicious, authentic Italian food, from your traditional pie to mouth-watering meatball bakes.  Don’t even get us started on their desserts:  Cinna Squares, Double Chocolate Brownies, and S’mores Brownies.  The best part?  All of it is food that you don’t have to cook.

The second best part?  They’ve forged a partnership with Family Video.  While Netflix is great, you can only stream so many old movies and TV shows.  With this partnership, you can order new releases to be delivered to your house with your dinner.  So when you order from Marco’s, you’re getting dinner and a movie delivered to your door.  Just don’t forget to return the flick on time to avoid any late fees.

To save on your Friday night splurge, check out all the special promotions Marco’s has going on right now.  Here are a few of them you can access through those promo codes:

  • Large, three topping pizza for just $10.99
  • Large specialty pizza AND Large one topping for $19.99 (That’s two large pizzas!)
  • Extra-large one topping pizza, cheezy bread, and a 2 liter for $17.99
  • Save $1 on any salad, sub, or small pizza
  • Save $2 off a specialty pizza
  • Save $4 off your order sitewide


Want to order food, but feeling kind of sick of the standard pizza or Chinese?  You do have other options!  Brought to you by Yelp, Eat24 conglomerates all the restaurants in your area that deliver food.  You probably didn’t know that most of them deliver.  Think seafood, Thai, sushi, Indian cuisine, gyro shops, and even specialty chocolatiers!  There’s an endless array of options that gets narrowed down to the best places that deliver where you live.  They even have a nifty app that allows you to check out all the eats via mobile.  

While you’re discovering new food, you can save money, too.  We’ve got promo codes for $2 off $10 orders, $5 off sitewide, or $7 off the next item you order.  Let someone else do the cooking for you, and save money while having Yelp reviewed restaurants deliver food right to your door.