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Teach Your Baby to Read as early as 9-month Old

Teach Your Baby to Read as early as 9-month Old.

Parents all know that the best gift for a child is a happy and health childhood. But giving him or her early education is also very important. Who doesn’t want academic success for their children? Therefore, Dr. Robert Titzer, a recognized expert and infant researcher, has created an early language system – Your Baby Can Read, to combine education in amusement.

Recent studies have proven that the best and easiest time for a child to learn is between the ages of 9 months to 4 years…when the brain is developing at a rapid pace. Most schools don’t teach reading until Kindergarten-missing this crucial learning opportunity! And “Your Baby Can Read” is just the program that can give your child, as early as 9 months, a head start on reading. This easy-to-use system teaches a child to learn both the written word and the spoken word simultaneously. Using whole language and phonics using a combination of sound, sight, and interaction, this multi-sensory technique helps children grasp word recognition – leading to early reading success.

“Your Baby Can Read” program teaches through interactive multisensory techniques. The DVD set includes word cards, songs, poems and word games designed to broaden a child’s learning experience. Time after time, Dr. Robert Titzer says, the system worked. It’s now sold in doctors’ offices across the United States, and he regularly gets letters from thrilled parents whose children are reading at advanced levels. Besides, this program has been seen on CNN, Montel, MSN, TLC, Ellen and several more popular TV programs.

Now why not give your child a tool early in life for effective communication, increased learning capacity and increased confidence so they can enjoy a lifetime of success. And you can use coupon code “AFF-08” to save 10% of your purchase.

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