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Thanksgiving Host Gifts

For the host or hostess that is throwing the Thanksgiving celebration you will be attending this year, you may be thinking of taking them a gift. Choosing a host or hostess gift can seem hard, but really, it isn’t. A host or hostess gift isn’t meant to be large, it is a token of your appreciation for having you and your family into their home, plus the fact that they took the time to prepare a loving meal.

thanksgiving host gifts

If you know your host, this type of gift should be easy. For those that are not very fmailiar with their host, purchasing a gift can be a bit more difficult. The traditional gifts for a host or hostess around the holidays is a bottle of wine. But, what if your host doesn’t drink wine or any alcohol?

host gift

No problem! You can take another small gift, such as a pecan pie, pumpkin pie, or a small gadget that will help the hostess in serving or cooking meals. Nothing too large or extravagant, remember, this gift is to show your appreciation, not to try to outdo other guests.

If you know nothing about your host, try a simple thank you card. Everyone appreciates a heartfelt thank you and in an age where most hosts never receive a host or hostess gift, your host will probably be impressed.

thanksgiving card

If you do choose to go with the wine route, try to find out ahead of time if your hostess enjoys wine. Even if they are not a fan of wine, most people that drink some sort of alcohol will enjoy a sweet white wine. Festive brews are available for the holidays and can be found in specialty store or in your typical liquor store. The owner will be able to help you find something unusual. Even if your host doesn’t drink it, they will probably enjoy having something unique to add to their ‘stash’.

Pumpkin wine is one festive brew that is typically reserved for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Mead, a brew made from honey, is another traditional fall and winter drink. If you decide to buy a bottle of mead, be sure to add in the ingredients needed to mull the drink. Most wines and mead are lovely for cold nights when warmed with spices like cinnamon. Include a tag on the bottle with directions for mulling.

apple cider

For hosts that do not drink alcohol, think about bringing a bottle of apple cider. Cider can be mulled in the same way as wine, many people prefer apple cider to wine, even fans of alcoholic drinks.

If you are still unsure on what to give your host, try a festive wreath for their door (these can be tailored for holidays or just for decoration without holiday reference), a warmly scented candle (pumpkin, apple, baked goods), or even a gift certificate to a local outlet.

Host and hostess gift giving doesn’t have to be hard or expensive!