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Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

Have you been invited to a Thanksgiving get-together and looking for fabulous Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas?  Don’t be left without a gift, plan ahead and you’ll make your hostess feel appreciated.

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

Many don’t realize that it’s actually proper etiquette to bring a gift for the person hosting Thanksgiving dinner. While this gift doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, it’s important to let your host know that you appreciate the time they took to get this event ready for the whole family to attend.

A small token of your appreciation can come in many different forms and there are tons of Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas out there.

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

Edible Gifts – from mason jar cookies to gift baskets, there are plenty of cute homemade edible gifts you could create for your Thanksgiving dinner host.  From You Flowers makes incredible chocolate baskets and all kinds of delicious edible treats any host will love.

Wine Toppers – if you are Thanksgiving dinner host likes a glass of wine here and there, why not gift them with a unique wine topper or charm for their wine bottle?

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

Offer your Time – let your host know you can arrive early to help with prep and setting of the table. This gift is priceless and could really help the host calm before everyone arrives.  Staying late to clean up or coming back the next day could be a much-needed help to anyone sharing their home on such a big holiday.

Small Flower Bouquet – think a Fall flower bouquet to brighten the table or just make the host feel extra special. Arrive with flowers in hand and watch as you see the host of Thanksgiving dinner feel uplifted.


Guest Book – think ahead of time and order a customized guest book so that your host will have a special message from everyone who attending Thanksgiving dinner to look back upon in later months.  The Paper Store has quite the assortment to fit any hostess taste and style.

Good Cheese & Meats– be sure to ask the host beforehand if you can bring along a little something. If so, then bring in the good cheese and meat platters.  Perhaps with an array of different crackers for guests to enjoy before meal time.

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas Stuffed Animal – think a gratitude teddy bear that says Thank You on it or similar stuffed animal gift for the host of Thanksgiving dinner. This is a gift that will be kept for years so make it count.

Prepared Breakfast – the last thing a host of Thanksgiving dinner wants to do is have to make breakfast the next morning after creating this feast. Bring a prepared breakfast plate for them to have in the morning.


Jewelry – if your host is a lady or man who enjoys jewelry, then bring them a cute gift of jewelry to show your appreciation for them taking the time to prepare this Thanksgiving dinner.  This doesn’t need to be extravagant a nice little brooch or earrings that are affordable will bring a smile to their face every time they use them.  HSN is a great place to find some quality fashion jewelry at very affordable prices.

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

When trying to determine what gift to give the host of Thanksgiving dinner, you must take into consideration respecting their wishes. If the host has not requested that someone bring a dish, then don’t bring a dish as it is considered rude. Make sure you think about what things your host would smile over when you hand that over to them with a thank you. Chances are if you smirk knowing that your host will smile when you hand this gift over, then you made the right gift choice.  Showing your gratitude doesn’t have to stop with Thanksgiving.  Send out a follow-up thank you from Paperless Post a few days later just to show them you had a great time.

The most important thing to remember is whatever you decide on for that special hostess gift idea, it’s your simple way of showing your gratitude on a day we gather to be thankful.

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