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The 10 Best Halloween Movies on Netflix

Right now, the Pacific Northwest is enduring an intense windstorm. Luckily, we’re staying inside all weekend with no plans to leave. Thanks to my Netflix subscription, this is the most fun pre-Halloween weekend ever.

I’d be a different person without Netflix. Every single day, Netflix is a part of my life. Sometimes I watch while I’m eating dinner, other times I watch from my bed, and what I love most about it is that it’s always ready to entertain me. Hundreds and hundreds of movies and TV shows are ready to stream into my eyes and ears for endless hours… I am either in love with Netflix, or addicted to it. Maybe both.

Halloween movies are essential to movie marathons in the fall. We’re only a couple weeks away from Halloween, and Netflix is on top of it with Halloween movies, both new and old. There are Halloween comedies on Netflix, as well as truly horrifying horror films. Of course, no collection of Halloween movies would be complete without the campy monster movies from the 1960s!

Some of the most classic, loved Halloween films of all time are on Netflix. We picked the Top 10 Halloween Movies on Netflix for you to watch at your own Halloween marathon! Use these Netflix coupon codes to get a month of Netflix free

The Addams Family

The Addams FamilyJust the right amount of scary mixed with funny – in fact, it’s hilarious. Even though it’s over 20 years old now, it still holds up! These are some of Anjelica Huston’s and Christina Ricci’s best roles.

Sleepy Hollow

sleepy HollowThis Tim Burton remake was not only beautiful, but equally spooky. The Headless Horseman is a Halloween story that will never get old, and this film does it justice.

The Corpse Bride

corpse brideYet another Tim Burton movie makes the list, and it happens to be the only animated Halloween film on the list! A romantic spin on the spookiness of Halloween is welcome among all these horror flicks.

The Babadook

babadookThis indie horror flick is probably the scariest movie on this list – if not on Netflix, altogether. Definitely make sure you have a group of people around when you watch this because it will make you afraid of the dark for a while!

The Crow

The CrowAll past and present goths know that The Crow is required Halloween viewing, and we’re lucky that Netflix has this streaming for us! Take news, future goths, because this is about to become your style bible.

Children of the Corn

Children of the CornThere’s something extra chilling about horror films that have spooky kids in them. The kids in this classic horror film helped it become a cult classic!

Sweeney Todd

Sweeney ToddThe third and final Tim Burton film on the list is Sweeney Todd, the theater piece turned silver screen blockbuster. There’s singing, baking, murder, and everything else you’d want in a Halloween movie!

The Amityville Horror

The Amityville HorrorNo Halloween movie list would be complete without a classic haunted house movie. The Amityville Horror will make you scared of every new house you move into – at least for the first year.

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

Wes Craven's New NightmareYes, indeed! Freddy Krueger always makes the list. This one the only Freddy movie Netflix has right now, but the horror is still there in full force.


Scooby Doo MovieI had to end this list on a light note! Scooby Doo might be a silly show, but it’s another Halloween classic. Ghosts, secret identities, monsters… It’s Halloween, if you ask me!