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The 5 Best Bargains to Search for This President’s Day Weekend

President’s Day is almost here. Do you plan to take advantage of holiday sales this weekend? Where can you get the biggest bang for your buck this holiday? Where should you shop and what should you buy?

1. Cold Weather Gear

winter coat

Have you noticed that the sleeves on your son’s winter coat no longer reach his wrists? Is your daughter’s snowsuit beginning to feel too snug? Are your gloves beginning to feel a bit too worn and threadbare? We only have a few weeks left of super cold days, but there is no time like the present to anticipate next year’s needs for cold weather gear. This president’s day search for bargains on coats, jackets and accessories from clothing stores including Macy’s and JCPenney.

2. Winter Apparel

President’s Day weekend arrives just as winter apparel moves out and spring fashions move in. This weekend you will find amazing bargains on winter apparel including sweaters, long sleeved shirts, pants and flannel pajamas. Have you lost weight this winter? Have you noticed that you own a lot of clothes that you don’t love wearing? Take the time to round up your unwanted items and donate them to a nearby charity. Then search for deeply discounted winter apparel in the clearance section of select clothing stores. Right now you can use coupon code ZY3BU to save 30% off regularly priced J. Crew sweaters as well as 30% off everything in the sale section and 50% off all items marked as final sale.

3. Furniture

leather sofa reclinerHave you recently moved? Are you considering updating your furniture or simply searching for a new look or style? Are you in need of new couches, chairs or tables? If you have any home furnishing needs then don’t delay in searching out furniture deals this President’s Day weekend. Does your living room need a small makeover? Do you need more comfortable seating or additional seating to accommodate friends and family? If you want to add new recliners or sectionals check out the President’s Day sale at La-Z-Boy. La-Z-Boy is offering 25 to 50% off everything in store and online.

4. Mattresses

Has your bed been feeling a bit lumpy lately? Do you wake up with a sore back or feel extremely tired even though you slept eight hours? Before you call the chiropractor or shell out money for a deep tissue massage check out the state of your mattress. Many experts recommend replacing your mattress every seven to ten years. Is your mattress older than that? If it is your mattress might not be providing you with the comfort and support you need. If you think a new mattress would help you sleep better and wake up less sore and irritable then check out the mattress sales this President’s Day weekend. You will find sales on mattresses of every type, size and comfort level. This President’s Day you can save up to $500 off select adjustable mattress sets at Tempur-Pedic.

5. Photo Gifts

Did you snap hundreds of photographs of your newborn this Christmas? Did you host a huge gathering of friends and relatives this Thanksgiving or take a ton of photos during your New Year’s extravaganza on January 1st? Don’t let those photographs remain trapped on your hard drive. Instead bring your photos to life this February. Search through your pictures and find those that are worthy of printing or framing. Go to where you can create glorious wall art, photo books, puzzles and blankets that showcase your talent and your family. This weekend you can save 25% off Shutterfly photo gifts with code 25OFF2017.

american flag waving

This President’s Day weekend search for bargains that will provide the biggest bang for your buck. With a little time and preparation you will find some incredible deals.