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The 5 Best Lunch Boxes for Healthy Back to School Meals

Your kid’s healthly school lunch ideas can make or break your entire day. Think about it: it all starts in the morning. Rousing kids and getting them ready for school is a task way larger than people think. On top of that, if you’re a working parent, you’re also getting yourself ready, and making sure that everyone is fed, clothed, equipped, and on time.

Oftentimes, school lunch can get lost or forgotten in the shuffle, and you may end up giving your child cash to purchase lunch at school instead. More frequently than not, those lunches include unhealthy choices like pizza, carb-heavy sandwiches, hot dogs, or even just a bag of chips.

healthy school lunch ideas

If you’re on a mission this Back to School season to provide more school lunches from home, start with a good foundation – a lunch box. Luckily, there are all kinds of cool lunch boxes that are made especially to accommodate healthier choices. They come in the form of compartmentalized lunch boxes, or bento boxes.

If you are intimidated by the idea of a compartmentalized lunch box or bento box, don’t worry! There are lots of great resources online that will help you learn how to divide and even arrange school lunches into compartments. There are even cute toys and tools that will help you make the lunches more visually appealing for your kids! Studies have shown that visually appealing food may help kids make healthier choices.

Maybe your kid is too current to carry an old-school, aluminum lunch box, so we found the top 5 best lunch boxes for healthy school lunches from around the ‘net.LL Bean school Lunch Box

Kids Flip-Top Lunch Box 

If you’ve got an older kid, one who might have a locker, these larger, insulated lunch boxes are the way to go. Not only is it easy to carry due to the removable shoulder strap, but it also can hold a lot of food. I’m thinking about those girls and boys in after-school sports who are famished after 2 hours of practice – this would be perfect! It’s on sale for under $20 right now, but grab an L.L. Bean coupon to save even more.Land of Nod Bear Wild Side Lunch Box

Land of Nod Bear Wild Side Lunch Box

Clearly, this lunch box from Land of Nod is pretty high on the adorable scale, and it even comes with a water bottle! This is the “Bear” design, but there are two others that are equally as cute. Each design was created by Sabina Gibson. Adding a water bottle is a smart idea – studies show that kids don’t drink nearly enough water! Encourage them to refill it from the school water fountain throughout the day.Yumbox Leakproof Bento Box

Yumbox Leakproof Bento Box

If you love the compartmentalized lunch boxes, Yumbox’s leakproof model will give you a lot of room to play with! On the bottom of the empty lunch box, there are cute food words in English and other languages. There are so many ways to arrange a delicious, healthy lunch in here. Pick one up using an Amazon promo code and you’ll be one step closer to being Back to School ready!Bentgo Kids Leakproof Lunch Box

Bentgo Kids Leakproof Lunch Box

This is one of the highest rated lunch boxes on Amazon, and it’s clear to see why. As far as looks go, this lunch box looks like it could survive the apocalypse and keep your sandwich fresh at the same time. I love the individual compartments, it makes it easy to plan out lunch meals – a sandwich and 3 snacks! You could even put some peanut butter at the bottom of the circular hole and shove some celery sticks into it. Let it shake all over the place, if it will – it’s leakproof, remember?

This lunch box is also from Amazon, so if you’re picking up lunch boxes for your entire Back to School crew, we’ll help you save as much as you can!Easy Lunchboxes 3 Compartment Bento – 4 Pack Brights

Easy Lunchboxes 3 Compartment Bento – 4 Pack Brights

Busy parents – rejoice! This is an inexpensive and highly organized approach to lunch planning, for you and your kids. Each pack of four bento containers has three compartments, perfect for a day’s lunch. These are the “brights,” but if you click through to Amazon (yes, Amazon again!), you’ll get the option of three different color schemes. You could easily prep a week of lunches ahead of time, and then everyone is in grab’n’go mode!

Every one of these lunch boxes can accommodate healthy, smart, affordable meals for your kids. If you’re ready to make a healthy switch this Back to School season, definitely give these lunch boxes a try!