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The 5 Handbags You Need to Be Carrying This Summer

Spring and summer are the most handbag-friendly seasons. There’s less of a threat of rain, colors are more bright and punchy, and you generally have more stuff to carry around. As far as accessories go, handbags are one of the most fun to experiment with because they’re functional, and they can be bold without being garish or overwhelming.

If you’re a fashion lover that can’t afford an entire closet full of high fashion and designer clothing, put that effort into a few handbags, and you’ll always look like a million bucks. Designer handbags can pack a punch when paired with a lower cost or more casual outfit. Let your handbag do the talking for you!

This spring, there are a few new styles that are worth checking out if you’re a handbag-obsessed fashion lover. Here are the three handbags you should be carrying this summer:

This crossbody bag by Rebecca Minkoff is the perfect addition to every summer outfit. It’s a little bit “biker babe,” a little bit “1970s rocker chick” and a touch of modern minimalism. The antique white leather is a complementary pairing with just about every color, and the simple style lends itself to both casual and formal uses. Chain straps are a throwback that is totally welcome, and separates this edition of a retro back from being too kitschy and clean.

Find Rebecca Minkoff coupons to reduce the price of this little luxury bag, and you’ll find yourself using it for years to come.

The Malabo Bag by Liebeskind is everything you’ll want in a summer bag. The faded pastel colors bring up images of sun-bleached fabrics and hazy summer days. It’s spacious and versatile, so it can come with you on a variety of summertime adventures. It’s got a shoulder strap and a crossbody strap so you can switch it up to keep your bag close to you and safe.

It’s rugged construction is what it’s the Berlin-based brand is famous for, so feel free to rough it up when you’re getting into trouble in the coming months. Get 20% off Liebeskind bags with coupons online!

Last but not least, this summertime handbag selection wouldn’t be complete without a vegan handbag option and, surprise! It’s a fanny pack. Matt & Nat create sustainable, beautiful handbags that rival the finest designers. This fanny pack looks just as luxurious as its trendy leather counterparts, but it comes with a cruelty-free promise that makes wearing it all the sweeter.

Keep your necessities in this little bag when traversing music festivals, farmer’s markets, or when hanging out at a pool party. For deals on Matt & Nat bags, try this list of coupons from all around the web. Some codes may be able to save you up to 50%!

What are your favorite handbags this season? Are they trendy, or outside the box? Share your favorite deals on handbags in the comments!