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The Beginning of Sleek and Chic Handbags

coach_bagsIt is with the invention of more miniature accessories like perfume, make up accessories, cellular phones etc., that handbags came to life. The concept was originally based on the Egyptian’s old ways of carrying pouches around their waist to carry everything miniature, but precious. The concept of waist pouches gave rise to a more magnificent invention, the hand bags.

Aside from the functional use of these waist pouches in the past, several documentations showed another purpose, as these handbags evolved. This was believed to be one of the early forms of fashion statements. Some of the recovered waist pouches were adorned with jewels and other beautiful ornaments. History books also suggested that it once became a status symbol, the richer the person was, the more beautiful was the bag’s decoration.

As years gone by, the handbags took on more practical use, as durable materials came into the picture. The larger styles of handbags were being used for travel since the 16th century. Most of the bags these times were carried across the body diagonally, providing convenience and comfort, the most appealing features of bags.

In the 17th century, the smaller handbags recurred as women opted for smaller purses for their important accessories during balls and important political gatherings. As the art of embroidery was introduced to young girls, this period produced handbags with embroidered decors and artfully stitched designs. Women wore handbags with the same color of their gowns and dresses. This fashionable purse later transformed into bigger purses in the next century, called the reticules. This was the first handbag that resembles the Egyptians pouches, making use of drawstrings for its opening. Even at present, reticules are beautiful fashion of elegance.

“Handbags” were originally coined as a term only in the 19th century. It was first referred to as held luggage bags usually carried by men. That concept in bags became the inspiration of the handbags for women. Hand fans, bottled-oils, jewelry, and make up kits are the most common contents of women’s handbags in the olden times.

This functional purpose continued to inspire the creation of handbags with fabulous sense of fashion in the 20th century. It gave rise to several complicated designs the world has known for so many years now. Its fashionable beginning inspires the best fashion designers to come up with attractive styles suited for each generation. The spread of trendy bags knows no culture and tradition.

Furthermore, the post World War II era in the 1940s had even revolutionized the use of handbags.

A New York Company called Coach, Inc. led the manufacturing of leather ladies handbags starting off as a family business with only six leather workers. As the company grew, their tradition of quality work became the basis of the popularity of most brands today. In 1950s, important designers joined, as new players like Chanel, Louis Vitton, and Hermes making the fashion world the ultimate runway of handbags that are sleek and chic. Today, the world can expect for more, as famous artists collaborate with one another to create limited and special edition collections of handbags.