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The Best Affordable Rain Gear for April Showers

Spring is here, and you know what that means! April showers bring May flowers. So, before we can see all the color and beauty outdoors, most of us have to endure some rainy weather, first. It’s not all bad, though! Rain means you get to wear fun clothes, like rain boots, rain jackets, and sport fancy umbrellas! It’s not really fun to take on the rain when you don’t have proper rain gear. So, here’s where you can get it at a great price!

Rain Boots


These high-quality, Italian rain boots are perfect for this season. Sensi rain boots are the kind of shoes you want to be rocking when the rain starts pouring. They are durable and stylish and will last you for many showers to come. Now, you can get 35% off their rain boots by using the promo code APRILSHOWERS.

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Globo Shoes

The main purpose rain boots serve is to allow you to jump in puddles without getting wet. Okay, not really. But, they help keep your feet dry on your morning commute or when you’re going out with friends on a rainy day. But, rain boots don’t aways need to be heavy and clunky. They can be comfortable and fashionable and for everyone! Now at Globo Shoes, you can find rain boots for women and children at 25% off! Time to shop!

Rain Jackets

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Under the Carolina Moon

Looking for a rain jacket that fits your Southern Belle personality? Then check out Under the Carolina Moon for awesome styles. Their preppy Monogrammed Rain jackets let you customize with your initials, and come in all different colors. Now, you can get one of these rain jackets for 10% off. What a deal!

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If you like to spend a lot of time outdoors regardless of rain or shine, then you need the right kind of rain jacket. One that will keep you dry when you’re outside for a long time. Backpacking-United has just the right selection, with sturdy rain jackets up to 65% off. They also have umbrellas on sale for $21.69.


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London Fog

Umbrellas have one job to do, and if they aren’t made out of the right materials, they’ll fail rather easily at keeping you dry. Luckily, the umbrellas at London Fog won’t have that problem as they live up to their reputation of being reliable umbrellas. Right now, you can get their sleek Signature Umbrella for $20. That’s a steal if you ask us!

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When it comes to rainwear, Totes is “totally” up there. They have everything from rain jackets to rain boots, but umbrellas are what you want to come here for. That’s because right now, all their umbrellas are 25% off. And, as you can see, these aren’t just ordinary umbrellas. They are really unique and fun. In addition to 25% off, you can also get an additional 10% when you subscribe to Totes online.

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Great Lookz

Great Lookz has a wide selection of even wider umbrellas. Many of the umbrellas at their store are more than half off, to help you get prepared for the season without putting a dent in your wallet. Of course, children need umbrellas, too, and in addition to their “adult umbrellas,” they also have up to 60% off their children’s umbrellas.

Don’t be unprepared for the weather! Get ready for the season with all this rain gear you can get at amazing low prices!