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The Best Deals on Contacts, Glasses, and Other Eyewear Specials


Many of us need glasses or contacts to be able to see and get through our day. The problem is, everything from eye checks to new lenses can come out costing hundreds of dollars. And, when it comes to something as important as your vision, it’d be nice if you could save a bit here and there. After all, glasses and contacts are a necessity, right? Being able to see shouldn’t be a luxury, and that’s why these great deals will help you save tons:

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Eye Exams:

Before you order anything, you might want to get an eye exam first. It’s important you find out if your prescription has changed or not. And, if you’ve never needed glasses or contacts before but things are starting to get blurry now, then don’t put off your eye exam just because it’s costly. Here’s how you can save money on your check-up.

COHEN’s Fashion Optical, a trusted name in optics, is currently having 94% off eye exams and eyewear. But, if “free” is more your cup of tea, then America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses does free eye exams.

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Contacts can be hard to come by. Especially if your insurance company doesn’t cover what you need, you’ll have to pay for your boxes out of pocket. And, depending on your prescription and what kind of contacts you like, they can be even more expensive. Luckily, if you know where to go and when to shop, buying contacts doesn’t need to make such a huge dent in your wallet.

Right now, Walmart Contacts has up to 35% off, plus free shipping. You can also try Eyeconic, which is offering 10% off for new customers and deals that will save you up to $120 on contacts. Last but not least, head over to Contacts Direct for their Memorial Day deal of $20 off $175 or more on contacts.

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Finally, after you’ve had your eye exam or you’ve ordered a few discounted boxes of contacts, you’re probably wondering how you can save on frames and lenses. This tends to be the most expensive aspect of eyewear there is, and if you care about how your glasses look on your face, then you’ll need to keep your budget a little more open. However, with great deals on frames and lenses hiding around the Internet, you shouldn’t have to be too flexible with your choices!

Smartbuy Glasses is one store that has amazing savings for glasses. Now, you can get 50% of designer eyewear. At JCPenney Optical, you can get 50% off frames and lenses and two complete pairs of glasses for $99.99 including free no-line bifocals. You should also check out Clearly, who is currently having up to 40% off lenses plus free shipping, in addition to other great deals.

Not finding a store you know or a deal you like? No worries! Promospro has tons of deals on everything eyewear!