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The Best Haunted Attractions in and around Washington, DC

Do you love to watch horror movies? Do you like to feel so afraid that you can feel your heart pumping in your chest? Do you want to feel the excitement of a real horror show? If you live in the Washington, DC area and you want to feel the first hand thrill of a haunted Halloween be sure to check out these spine-tingling productions.

Field of Screams


In Olney Maryland you can explore Field of Screams, a blood-curling production created by the fright experts at Steelhead Events. Field of Screams includes a haunted trail; zombie-filled labyrinth and a daunting ride through cornfields menaced by packs of ghosts. As if that wasn’t frightening enough you can don a pair of 3D glasses and enter the terrifying Nightmares in 3D where entrants wander through a house filled with ghouls that transcend the bounds of dimensional laws.

Leach Woods


The ghouls of Leach Woods are said to begin their nightly procession just after the sun sets in Annapolis. If you feel brave take a trip through the twisting corn maze. As you walk deeper and deeper past the crackling stalks you’ll find horrors awaiting you at every turn. If your heart isn’t pounding loudly enough after your trip through the maze, take a long walk down the dark forest trail of Leach Woods. There you’ll find five separate attractions including a haunted dollhouse and clown corner. It’s said that even the most courageous are reduced to simpering, terror-stricken state after escaping the woods.

DC Ghost Walk


Do you believe ghosts may walk among us? If so, take to the streets of Washington, DC with the DC Ghost Walk hosted by Best Tours. As one of the greatest urban centers of the modern world it is believed that Washington, DC may contain the densest concentration of paranormal activity. Ghosts are known to haunt particular locations, objects or people and we’ve all heard stories of phantom ships, armies and ghost trains. Have you ever seen a ghost or felt a spiritual presence around you? If you want to get in touch with the spirits that may exist beyond this world then book your tickets for this walking tour.

Twisted Fields of Terror


Are you looking for a way to feel the full fright of Halloween? Then take a short trip to Waldorf and enjoy southern Maryland’s biggest haunted attraction. You’ll find twenty acres of frightful activities including Twisty’s Twisted Corn Maze, the Z-Pocalypse Paintball Hayride and the Cannibal Creek Haunted Trail. The hayride includes a ride on a 16-passenger trailer. Once on board you will be armed with paintball guns to defend yourself against he hordes of zombies surrounding you. On the Haunted Trail you’ll need to escape the Griner brothers, who are hungry for human flesh.

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