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The Best Holiday Treats


Christmastime is the perfect time to show our love and appreciation to others, which is why we often find ourselves getting caught up in so much holiday baking and treat making. This is the time of year that favorite old recipes come out of the woodwork, and find themselves on our kitchen counters and tables. Even if you’re not much of a baker, chances are you probably like to make a few holiday treats for your family to enjoy, or to give out to friends or co-workers. There are some classic holiday goodies and treats that are simple to make, and are absolutely delicious. They can be placed out or served to guests, or you can wrap them up and give them as Christmas gifts.

Sugar Cookies are probably one of the fastest, and easiest holiday treats you can make. Start with finding the perfect recipe, if you don’t already have one. Once you have the recipe figured out, make plenty of dough and keep it chilled. Roll it out once you’re ready to make the cookies. Have lots of fun cookie cutters on hand to make festive holidays shapes. While the cookies are baking, you can make a simple icing with powdered sugar, water, and food coloring. Let the cookies cool completely before icing them, or the icing will melt and run all over the cookie. The Baker’s Kitchen has all of the baking supplies you might need for cookie decorating- including cookie cutters. You’ll also need plenty of kitchen scrapers and other tools, which are on sale starting at $2.95.


Fudge is another easy to make holiday treat that everyone loves. You can try making all sorts of different flavors, and make specific flavors based on the likes of your family and friends. Mint, peanut butter, and raspberry fudge are popular flavors. If you don’t have time to make fudge from scratch, you can buy some fudge candy, or better yet- fudge topping from Sander’s Candy, where you can get $5.00 off of any order over $35.00.

Making your own caramels can be tricky, sticky, and oh, so fun! If you’re new to candy making, you may want to allow yourself some extra time for this yummy project. Caramels are a favorite candy of many people, and with the added dusting of sea salt on them, they’re even more decadent! The caramels can be individually wrapped, or they can be boxed up, and tied with a pretty ribbon. Give a nice presentation of the candy, and it’s ready for gifting!


Another holiday favorite is peanut brittle. This candy treat is delicious, but can be time consuming and dangerous to make. Be sure to keep any small children away from the stove while you make this candy. The candy gets very hot, and you’ll need a good candy thermometer in order to get a proper temperature reading. Use good peanuts in this candy, for an added bonus to this yuletide treat! Line pretty holiday tins with wax paper, and store the broken peanut brittle pieces in them, or use them for gifting.

Be sure to keep a few pieces of your holiday candies and cookies out, so that you and your family have some that you can all enjoy together!