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The Best Rental Car Deals for Your Summer Road Trip

rental car deals

Thinking of taking a drive somewhere this summer? There’s no better way to take a vacation if you ask us! Road trips have kind of fallen by the wayside over the years, but people are starting to bring them back. Seeing the country by road gives you a chance to take it all in, without missing a beat. Best of all, no need to worry about packing everything onto a flight or finding hotels. After all, summer road trips mean lots and lots of camping opportunities!

As exciting as this all sounds, a lot of people forgo the road trip idea because it just costs too much to rent a car. And, even if you have your own car, putting the miles on it is almost not worth it. Renting is a better option, but only if you can get a good deal on it.

We’re here to help:

rental car deals is one of the best websites out there to find a good rental deal, as they compare prices from all the major car rental companies. While you can always use their site to find some of the cheapest deals, they also have highlighted promotions from time to time. Like, right now, you can get 15% off Hertz rentals through their website, as well as a car in Florence from $11 a day and a car in Orlando from $6 a day. Also, if you sign up, you’ll be emailed exclusive offers!


Don’t wait until the last minute to rent a car for your summer road trip. At Hertz, they always have great discounts, but if you pre-pay for your rental, you can save 25% on the base pay of the car. There are also other great deals, like 10% off weekend rental bookings, and $25 off a weekday car rental booking. And, that’s not all! Check out all the Hertz deals before making your choice.

rental car deals


Avis is another popular name in the rental car industry, and you can be sure that in addition to their great service, they also provide great deals. You can save up to 30% on prepaid rentals, as well as 40% off sitewide. And, there’s way more where those came from! Don’t book until you find a deal that fits your budget.


Looking to take your summer road trip abroad? We don’t blame you. Often times, renting a car somewhere besides your home country can be a lot cheaper, and more fun! Enterprise is currently having 10% off car rentals in Ireland, 10% off cars in Spain, and 15% off on rentals in Latin America and the Caribbean. That’s not all. What are you waiting for? Road tripping as never been more affordable!

rental car deals


Sixt may not be as well-known as the others on this list, but it should be. After all, they have some of the best deals you’ll find on rental cars. If you pick your car up at the airport, you can get a 25% discount, as well as a 25% discount anywhere in the world that there’s a Sixt location. And, hey, calling all teachers, school employees, and students: Sixt wants you to enjoy your summer vacation as much as possible, which is why they’re offering 5% off car rentals exclusively for you!

Road trips are one of the best ways to travel. And, when you can rent a car for cheap and not have to worry about your own car, it makes it way more enjoyable. Rent your car for your trip before these discounts are gone for good!