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The Best Thanksgiving Dinner Decor Options

Are you preparing for Thanksgiving dinner at your place, but you have no idea how to decorate? I know, I know – it’s one more thing to worry about. Hopefully, after you read this post, you’ll feel a little less stressed, and your home will be beautifully decorated for your Thanksgiving Dinner.

thanksgiving table

If you need easy, beautiful Thanksgiving decorations, check out these options:

  • Upcycle your Halloween Decor – Give your leftover (uncarved) pumpkins a gourds a whole new look with a little bit of spray paint. Paint in colors to compliment your home or your theme. Love gold? A can of gold spray paint can go a long way in making your centerpiece gorgeous. Silver, teal, or other coordinating colors can also make your old Halloween decor look like new. You can also mix colors. Do predominantly gold with a few pops of color to catch the attention of your guests. No matter what you do, your guests are sure to love your upcycled creativity.


  • Burlap and Lace for a Country Touch – I absolutely love burlap, and when you add lace to it, it’s even more beautiful. Throw in some gorgeous sunflowers and other fall flowers, and you have the perfect easy Thanksgiving decor. Right now, Walmart has some really great deals going on, so check out these Walmart promo codes. I’ve purchased lots of burlap and lace from Walmart at great prices. Get on their website and see what you can score!

fall leaves

  • Get outside! – Just like you did for your fall decor, get outside and grab some acorns, pine cones, flowers, leaves, and more to make inside your house look and feel like Autumn.
  • Consider a Thankful Tree. – A friend of mine shared this idea with me, and we are definitely implementing it this year! Each year, they go out into their yard and find a small, bare tree. They cut down the bare tree, (or pull it out by the roots, if they are able to), bring it into their home, and “plant” it in a small planter. Then, she uses gift tags that she handmade, and everyone in the house uses the tags to write their blessings all month long. On Thanksgiving Day, they sit down to dinner and read all of the blessings from the tree. (Another option would be have tags at the dinner table. Have each guest fill out several tags, and then read them aloud as you hang them on the tree.) What a fun, easy way to brighten your decor, bring your family together, AND remember all your blessings.
  • Check out Etsy – Take a look at these Etsy promo codes and then start shopping for Thanksgiving decor. You are sure to find something that fits your needs, your taste, AND your budget. You won’t believe all the beautiful things you can find on Etsy!

These are just a few fun options for Thanksgiving Dinner decor. I hope they’ve helped you, and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!