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The Coolest and Most Comfortable Shoes for Back to School

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Many fashionistas would argue that shoes make the outfit. While that may be true, there are other factors that come into play for parents that will be doing back to school shoe shopping for their children. For young kids who are going to need their feet to hold them up the first few weeks of school, comfort is just as important as looks. If you’re hoping to find shoes that fit your child appropriately but also make them happy, then here are a few tips.


It’s Still Warm Enough for Flip Flops

The first few weeks of school in September are still rather warm. Flip flops are therefore a smart option. And, not just any flip flops, but a cool pair of Havaianas. If you haven’t already snagged a pair over the summer, then it’s not too late to get them for back to school. They are sturdy, smart, and will last your kid a few years. Best of all, they come in a bunch of different designs, too! Now your kid can rep their toes and their favorite country, movie, superhero, cartoon character, or whatever it is. 


Bring Back the Past with Jordans

Nike Jordans never seem to go out of style. You probably had a pair yourself when you were a kid. Of course, we’re not surprised that your child is immediately drawn to a pair of these right when they walk into a store. These sneakers are versatile, come in tons of different styles for boys and girls, and provide plenty of support for their feet. They are great for active children who like sports, trends, and don’t want to bring an extra pair of shoes on gym day.


Keep it Traditional with Converses

Who doesn’t love Converses? Parents love them, hipsters love them, pregnant women love them, and kids love them, too. They are easy to shop for and very affordable. Whether your child prefers the old Chucks or they want something a little more vibrant and unique, Converse is a good place to start. These shoes are a good choice for any age, and match with absolutely any outfit your child plans on wearing. They also run narrow for kids with skinny feet.


Rainboots are a Necessity

Rainboots are AMAZING. One, because they protect your feet in the rain and you can jump in puddles without getting wet. Two, parents don’t have to worry about their kids coming home from school covered in mud. And, three, they’re durable and just plain fun to wear! It tends to rain a lot as summer ends and autumn approaches, and it’s important to have your kid prepared. We recommend getting a pair of the world’s favorite rainboots from Hunter Boots. Your kid will be praying it rains just so he or she can wear them. 

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Non-Tie Shoes

So, your kid hasn’t mastered the art of tying his or her shoes quite yet. Your kid then needs a pair of slip-ons or clogs. Globo Shoes has a ton of fun options for boys and girls, including Crocs, Mary Janes, and velcro sneakers, with tons of brand names to choose from. And, now all sandals are 50% off, so get in on this deal while you still can!


Back to school shopping is an intense time of the year. Fortunately, if Mom and Dad can go in fully prepared with ideas, then hopefully things will run more smoothly. Visit these stores to get a few pairs of good shoes at unbeatable prices.