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The Coolest New Thing in Business Cards

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We have a crush on Moo. No, that’s not some cute reference to cows, but rather a reference to the printing company that specializes in business cards. While it’s true they also do stickers, accessories, flyers, and more, it’s their business cards that have stolen our hearts. From the mini card to the all-out, triple-thick luxe, their products are always pretty, attention grabbing, and commented on just about every time we hand them out.

Now there’s something new to comment on. Something big. Something that’s potentially game changing.That something is Business Cards+.


What is Business Cards+?

Business Cards+ is Moo’s newest product line. They’re the same gorgeous business cards with the same customizable option, but what’s inside makes them different. Radically different.

Inside each card is a chip that utilizes NFC, or near field communication, technology. You know those RFID chips that are just becoming a big thing on credit cards in this country? It stands for radio frequency identification, and those chips can send small bits of information over short distances via, aptly enough, radio waves. NFC is RFID’s descendant. Each NFC chip acts as one half of a wireless link. When you touch it to a device that also has an NFC chip, and an operating system to access data, the link is completed as data is exchanged.

Today, many cell phones and other smart technology have these NFC chips built in. What Moo has done is slide one inside each Business Cards+ card, so that when your contact taps it to their phone, the landing page of your choice will pop up.

That’s pretty powerful. The landing page of your choice. It may be your website. It may be a social media platform you’re trying to build. It may be a link to past work, or the app you’re currently promoting. You can even have your business card call you when it’s tapped, or have your information saved automatically to the user’s contact list.

The cool factor doesn’t end there. Once you pick an action for your card, you aren’t stuck with it. You can change what a tap does at any time. You can even change the action after you’ve already handed your cards out. That means that at any time, you can promote new products, services, or networks to contacts who already have your information. Our prediction is that with NFC, people will be keeping better track of the cards they receive. It will be interesting to see if they interact with them more often.

You’ll know if they’re interacting with them more often, too. As a part of your order, you will be able to monitor interactions with your cards. That means if people aren’t actually connecting with you on LinkedIn, even though they’re tapping, you’ll know that you either need to edit your profile or change the action on your card.

Right now the cards connect with NFC-equipped Andriod and Microsoft devices. If you’re dying to try it out, don’t forget to use this 20% off promo code to save some big money on your purchase.