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The Deal with Cyber Monday

Where to start? Cyber Monday is overwhelming, possible even more so than Black Friday. And to top it off, you’re at work, trying to sneak in a little shopping before all the good stuff is sold out. Well, it probably already is, because some committed people get up at 5AM or stay up past midnight on a Sunday to grab the deals first. So at this point, just relax and begin sifting through your emails from every retailer whose site you ever visited.

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Our best tip? Shop for something specific today. Don’t try to hit every deal and honestly, ignore the barrage of emails and cyber ads. Just stick to your list. If you don’t have a specific list, but know you need a few big ticket items, try these deals today:

Amazon has a deal of the day everyday, but today is special. There are many deals of the day! Here are some highlights:

  • Samsung 48″ 4K tv for $599 (But wait! Buy this at Target and get a $100 gift card!)
  • 50% off Select Hasbro toys, including Star Wars and Transformers gear
  • Up to 40% off Kindle Unlimited
  • Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer for $249

Other Amazing Deals: 

But what if you don’t shop today? These deals aren’t going too far away. For electronics, best to try the company website first–you’re likely to find the best deal there, before retailers mark it up. And actually the best time to shop is over the next two weeks. The closer to Christmas, the better the deals.