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The Fashionable Mom's Holiday Gift Guide

She is the one who gets the family together, she is the one who prepares the dinner, she is the one who gets the perfect gift for everyone and she is the one who showers her children with unconditional love. This holiday season; get something for her which will make her smile endlessly. Whether she is a new mom or a lovable grandmom, here are some fashionable items to gift her:

Makeup Emergency Kit

1. Makeup Emergency Kit: Usually such types of kits contain basic items which a woman can apply on the go. A hand sanitizer, a lip gloss, eyeliner, a small makeup box containing blushes, mascara and foundation are the main items which any woman will need at any point of time. So gift her stylish kit which looks appealing on the outside and has everything inside. These can be bought from any cosmetics store or ordered online at great prices.


2. A pendant with her children’s name: This is something which she can literally keep close to her heart. There are various retailers who customize accessories to an individual’s need. You can buy one with the children’s name engraved in layered discs or an oval one with her child’s name written on it. You can also go with a classic heart shaped pendant which opens in the middle.


3. A pair of shades: Shades are bare essentials for those working moms who do a lot of travelling and are constantly on their feet. Gift a pair of branded sunglasses which fits her face shape and she will surely feel glamorous once she puts it on. And if you don’t know what type of sunglasses will suit her then you can always buy her a gift card which she can redeem whenever she wishes to!


4. Stylish Jackets: Any women would love to own a stylish faux fur jacket for her wardrobe. Buy her one in her favorite shade and make sure that the jacket is in trend. A vintage jacket is mostly on everyone’swish list so if you can get your hands on one, be sure to gift wrap it for the deserving mom!


5. Perfume: Women love it when they smell good! They feel more confident and sexy. A perfume with a scintillating smell will win them over and moms will save the sprays for special events. It will show thoughts and efforts from your part to look for the perfect fragrance for her and every time she smells it, she will remember your love for gifting her a beautiful present.

diaper bags

6. Stylish Diaper bags for new moms: With the new baby as an addition to the family, a travelling mom who loves to be in vogue would love a stylish diaper bag in which can keep her darling’s supplies. Such bags are super functional and look very stylish on a new mom. Moreover, these bags can accommodate the baby’s all essentials.

Even though she will appreciate any gift you buy her, she will surely love something which will make her feel pampered, sexy and ultra-glamorous.