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The Importance of Stylish and Functional Headphones

Whether you’re riding the bus to school or work this fall, you know that a great pair of stylish headphones is a must. Not only are they great for back to school, but headphones go great with workouts, solo study sessions, and relaxing at home on your days off without annoying your housemates.

Pink Headphones Girl

People can be divided into two groups: earbud people and over-the-ear people. The two most popular types of headphone styles couldn’t be more different. Both com in styles that are convenient for traveling, both provide excellent sound quality, and both have the capacity to give your style a boost.


Since the art and design world got their hands on a pair of headphones, our options have exploded. The days of everyone having the same pair of headphones is over (sorry, Apple users). We’re busting at the seams with stylish headphones for back to school.3390101-5

Souyo SY-IP06 Foldable Headphones

These gold headphones have a retro vibe and come with a ton of shine! They sit on top of the ear instead of wrapping around the ear, which contributes to their vintage look. We found them for a super affordable price at FastTech. Be sure to check for current FastTech promos before buying so you can get them for the lowest price possible. Keep in mind that they’re foldable and can be shoved in a backpack or purse!Brookstone-Cat-Ear-Headphones

Brookstone Cat Ear Headphones

Wow! We’ve never seen anything quite like these cat ear headphones before. They are truly over-the-ear headphones, but also come equipped with two cat ears that double as speakers so you can share your music with your friends! These are also gaming-friendly headphones – can you imagine playing video games with these? Not only are they adorable, they pack a serious punch! They come in four different colors so you can be the neon, music-blasting kitty you were always meant to be.imageService-e1469950847777-768x526

JLab JBuds Pro In-Ear Headphones, 5pk.

Finally, a color other than white! These take up so little space and they really come in handy when you think you’ve forgotten your headphones at home, and you find a pair of these earbuds in your pocket! Getting five pairs of earbuds in a single pack is sweet, so grab a coupon and pick them up at BJs! There are two black, two blue, and one pink pair in each package.

Rose Gold Headphones

Frends Taylor Headphones

These headphones aren’t for the faint of heart… Rose gold is all the rage right now, and these pretty headphones will set you back $361.99. Wow. Aside from the sticker shock, it’s easy to love these headphones. If you have the cash to invest in these collection-worthy headphones, go for it! They’re some of the most stylish headphones in existence.

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