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The Most 5 Creative Thanksgiving Ideas For your granny

Your granny has been spoiling you since childhood by being a part of your mischievous deeds which your parents would have never approved of, providing you with some extra bucks when you have finished off of your pocket money and treating you regularly with loads of your favorite chocolates and candies. Now it’s time for you to spoil her with some exotic gifts. So what are you planning to gift her in Thanksgiving to make it really special for her?

Well if you are confused, then here is a list of the five most creative personalized gift items that you can consider gifting your granny to make her understand what she means to you.

Baby collage blanket

Baby Collage blanket

Baby collage blanket is the most creative gift option available to you and it will certainly make your grandma really happy. You can buy a beautiful throw from a store that can personalize it by stitching some of the most memorable photos of both of you on it. This will be a unique gift that will bear testimony to the great relationship that both of you share and will also bridge the physical distance between the two of you. She can snuggle in this cozy blanket whenever she misses you.

Decorated purse mirror

purse mirror

Your granny must have been I glam diva at one point of time and now that she is growing old she must have been losing interest about how she looks. Thanksgiving might be the perfect opportunity to gift a personalized purse mirror to her with her name engraved on it to make her understand that she has become even more glamorous these days and must use the gift to look perfect.

Comfortable Terry slippers

Terry slippers

With age all grannies face foot problems. So you can gift a pair of curative slippers to her which is extremely soft and comfortable to wear. It will make her forget all her foot problems and she would never want wear any other shoes after trying this one. This shoe is made from soft terry and has foam inside it which gives a cushioned grip to the wearer. She is definitely going to love such a thoughtful gift from her grandchild.

Jewelry tree

jewelry tree

On the internet you are also going to come across beautifully sculptured jewelry trees which have been uniquely designed to hold different kinds of jewelry ranging earrings, bracelets, necklace and other kind of jewelry making it look really beautiful. If your grandma has a fetish for unique things, then she is definitely going to be overwhelmed after seeing your gift.

Personalized locket


You can also gift your grandma a personalized pendant with her initially engraved at the top. These lockets generally open up and the users have the option of installing some portraits of both of you inside it thereby making it a really memorable gift.

These are some of the most creative gift option that you can think of gifting your granny this thanksgiving to let her how much you love and miss her. She is surely going to appreciate your gesture of showing your affection in such a unique way.

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