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The Mystery and Elegance of the Black Trench Coats

Trench coats are winter protective clothing. They are made of waterproof and heavy-duty fabrics that have removable insulating linings inside. They are the modern evolution of man’s quest for good raincoats. The old style trench coats usually have mid-calf hemlines, with buttons all they way down its front making it easy to remove. They come in different colors today for more fashionable look, but the trench coat started with one main color, black. The Black trench coat though has an air of mystery, as it owned a page in the history book of mankind.

Burberry and Aquascutum are popular brands claiming as the original creator of black trench coats. With Burberry’s account, they first submit the design to the British Army to be used as their Army Officers’ official raincoat. This had started the businesslike respectability and professional reputation of this coat.
After the United Kingdom War Office accepted the design in 1901, other nations developed their own trench coat designs in the following years which continued until the World War II in the 1940s. From then on The United states and Russia joined the United Kingdom, as the leading wearers of black trench coat.
Towards the end of the 20th century, the black trench coats continued to gain patronage with its knee length version designed for more mobility. However in the 90s, the black trench coats reputation was tarnished by a stain of violence and hatred, as the term “French coat mafia” started.
In the 1990s, a group of students who belong to a loner group of gamers were suspected of staging a high school massacre in retaliation of the bullying and humiliation addressed to them from some male-athlete groups called the “Jocks”. 10 students including two teachers were killed in that incident where the perpetrators were said to be members of the group wearing black trench coats. The “Trench coats mafias” reportedly staged two separate yet consecutive massacres wearing the same clothes.
For a time, trench coats were prohibited, as the design was viewed to perfectly conceal weapons. Fortunately the bad reputation associated was just temporary because of the black trench coats’ capacity to blend in almost all trendy styles.
Certainly, at present the trench coats have proven its timelessness and universal appeal. To also fully redeem the black trench coats, experts in the fashion industry have suggested a lot of glamorous ways to use this.

Here is the list of the most common mix and match.
• A skin-tight white shirt with denim jeans and high-heeled shoes is a perfect fashion that exudes oozing sex appeal.
• A nice boots with some slim pastel-colored dress with a trench coat buttoned all the way down is a fabulous style.
• Mini-skirts or short pants paired with plain shirts accessorized with a hat, also shows a good taste.
• A simple pastel-colored shirt with skinny jeans worn with a simple flat pair of shoes and a scarf on the neck is most common in the elite society.
• A casually opened and unbuttoned, the knotted and belted, or buttoned all the way down trench coats are also leading fashion style in the celebrity culture.

The idea of the modern trench coat is now more on fashion and elegance, on top of professionalism and respectability that it had before, but that reputation is still carried over into a corporate environment and all business-like functions.