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How to Update Your Home for Spring

It’s Springtime! Dark decor and heavy curtains can really put a damper on your springtime happiness. Here are a few ideas to spruce up your decor without breaking the bank.

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Before your flowers bloom and before we are free from the dangers of frost, start with a wreath for your door. Brightly colored flowers will help you adjust your mood before walking through your front door. Better yet, make your own. Stores like Michaels have blanks wreaths and lots of ideas and accessories. If you’re not the crafty type, you can buy one from Etsy from someone who is 😉

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Flower bunches can be bought for $5 at Stop & Shop! Small bunches of roses and tulips, or any greenery give life and freshness to any space. Save money by getting tiny vases and putting a single flower in each. Line them up or spread them about your home. Keeping flowers on your kitchen island will also remind you to keep it uncluttered, because nothing ruins the effect of fresh flowers like mails, keyfobs, empty dishes and other random objects that adorn your counter. It’s also a great time to shop for indoor plants, if you’re not ready to garden outside. You’ll have them for winter and any greenery in the home is improvement to your health. Faux flowers and grass work, too! You won’t get increased amounts of oxygen, but bright colors are always a good idea. We love Houzz for cool planters.

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Open the curtains. Get curtain ties–they don’t even to match. Pattern mixing is very trendy right now. Another way to do this is to buy a wide ribbon (burlap is a great choice to help bring the outside in!). Pin them to your wall if you can stomach the holes.

Change your throw pillows. This is so easy, especially when Walmart or Target has such inexpensive options. Brighten up with colorful or patterned pillows. Do the same with throw blankets! Put away the heavy ones and opt for lightweight fabrics in neutral colors (like white and creme).

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Change your photos. Make sure your frames are filled with fun, colorful photos. Landscape photos are a great idea, if just for the time being. Think of last year’s vacation pictures to remind you what fun in the sun feels like!

Make a bowl of fruit, like all oranges, or all lemons as a centerpiece. It’s bright and functional.

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Spring cocktails are your friend. Ditch the red wine and create a signature spring cocktail. For ingredients, think cucumbers, orange slices, fruit juices and pink lemonade! Check out Martha Stewart’s awesome ideas!

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