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The Toys You Need to Buy Now

The Doc McStuffins Vet Checkup Center

The Checkup Center ($64.99) is an upgrade from last year, with more interactive features and opportunities for pretend play. Last year, this was impossible to find; and we anticipate the same to be the case with this toy and the Doc Mobile. Beware, though. The Doc Mobile ($39.99) did not get great reviews from customers who complain that it falls apart.

Star Wars

Pretty much anything Star Wars, that is. Most specifically, the Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber  set ($54.99). This is especially cool because kids can build their own light sabers, using several pieces. Another fan favorite is the R2-D2 Interactive Droid Robot ($159.99). So cool and it’s getting great reviews! This thing has a remote control that commands over a 1,000 action combinations. Where was this stuff when we were kids?


Paw Patrol 

The Paw Patroller is a hot commodity this season. It’s not a toy that is just hitting the market, but Paw isi becoming increasingly popular among preschoolers. The Paw Patroller is a truck that houses the whole team…and yes, you have to buy them separately. This is where it gets hard because they are becoming difficult to find. The Pawtroller is $48.99, and comes with Ryder, the main character. But when you try to collect each of the seven pups, good luck and get out your wallet. Each will run between $10-11 depending on where you purchase. Bottom line? If you see a pup, grab it.

Imaginext Power Rangers Morphing Megazord

Power Rangers are back, in a big way and for a pretty wide age group. The newest contraption by Imaginext ($49.99) is geared toward 3-5 and includes “Power Pads” for activating different movements. Mostly, this is an imagination toy, but reviewers love it for storytelling and encouraging the use of imagination. Beware though, that the power rangers do not come with shields as shown. For the next age group,

The Barbie Dream House 

It just never goes out of style. It’s bigger and pinker than ever. Actually, even from an adult perspective, it looks pretty chic. These will be gone by Thanksgiving, so if you’re ready to shell out $170, not to mention furniture and dolls. True to form, reviewers love it. Five stars on every website.

The Descendents

Anything Descendents has got to be on the list for your little girl. The Evie and Mal costumes are impossible to find, unless you want to be price gauged on Amazon. But the dolls of the whole gang are available for about $25.99 each. We’re still waiting for some more stuff to come out, but for now, these will satisfy the craving. Also, it’s totally worth purchasing the soundtrack and/or movie because actually, this was a cool movie for everyone.