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The Yoga Pants Craze

A tame option from Victoria’s Secret ($39.50)

Is it cool to wear yoga pants even if you don’t do yoga? Can EVERYONE wear yoga pants? Are yoga pants acceptable to wear everywhere? There are no easy answers to these questions. Yoga pants have taken the world by storm. High school girls are petitioning for their right to wear yoga pants. Lululemon front man, Chip Wilson has resigned because of comments he made about yoga pants not being appropriate for every woman. American women were outraged, Wilson had no choice but to move on. Yoga pants have taken on a life of their own.

A few years ago, it was a leggings craze, led by Lindsay Lohan, if memory serves. But hey, at least you could dress leggings up or down. At least there were options. Yoga pants are decidedly casual, because, well, they are meant to wear to exercise, or at least look like you exercise. The term for this look is: “athleisure,” which frankly, sounds more like an illness than a fashion statement. They’re SO popular that the sales of jeans dropped by 6% last year! Women turn to yoga pants for comfort these days while those stiff old jeans collect dust.

Lululemon ($79-179)

BBC News recently did an article on whether yoga pants are a “threat to public decency.” BBC News is a British News Organization and it’s interesting to consider that the decency of yoga pants slash leggings may differ across cultures. Still, BBC New reports that law makers in Montana proposed a bill that would deem yoga pants “indecent.” As of now, the bill has been postponed, but the dialogue has been opened.

After all, Lululemon did have to recall a line of their yoga pants in 2013 because prolonged wear led to sheerness…and high school girls roaming the halls in skin tight, sheer pants presents a problem. Sheer or not, non-supporters argue that you can see such a clear outline of the buttocks (and sometimes the front-ocks) that there is nothing left to the imagination. When women are out running errands at the grocery store or thirteen year olds are flaunting the goods in front of vulnerable teenage boys, this might be a valid criticism. Have we nothing left to hide? Literally? And what about plus-sized women? Are there different rules? Some say yes. Other say, even plus sized women have a right wear what they’re comfortable in–and maybe that’s the point.

If you’re a yoga pants supporter, check out Lululemon for super duper priced apparel, or Atheleta (a Gap brand) for mid-level priced pants.