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Themed Thanksgiving Dinner Menus to Bookmark

Sometimes gigantic, multi-course meals can be kind of overwhelming to someone hosting Thanksgiving for the first time. With all of the traditional elements people expect like pumpkin pie, a roast turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and the rest, it can be confused to know where to start. Since this is the time of the month when you need to start planning this huge food event, we’re going to cut you some slack and show you a bit of a shortcut: themed Thanksgiving meal plans. 

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu

Healthy Thanksgiving Menu

Finally take control of the holiday season and revamp your Thanksgiving meal with a health-inspired menu. Instead of fattening, butter-soaked veggies, there are delicious roasted veggies and fresh salads.

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Retro Thanksgiving Menu

Retro-Inspired Thanksgiving Menu

If you happen to love vintage everything and want to extend that passion to your Thanksgiving meal, this is the menu for you. It even has the real-food version of the green bean casserole that has been required at every single Thanksgiving for the last 40 years. Look at the beautiful meringue on the sweet potatoes! Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu

Yes, Thanksgiving is still Thanksgiving even when there’s no turkey on the menu. Honestly, these vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes are some of the most beautiful dishes of the season. You won’t miss the meat when it’s replaced with hearty mushrooms and savory tarts. Please don’t forget that vegetarians can have pretty much every delicious, rich, decadent dessert that non-vegetarians can, so be sure to put extra effort into the last course!

Dallas Thanksgiving Menu

Dean Fearing’s Dallas Thanksgiving Menu

Chef Dean Fearing put this menu together blending traditional Thanksgiving fare with classic Texas flavors. The main course includes the two beautiful veggie dishes shown above alongside a tangerine-glazed roast turkey. The menu caps off with desserts: pumpkin pudding with “Mile-High Meringue” and Texas State Fair pecan pie. Kind of a perfect meal!

Stovetop Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Stovetop Thanksgiving Menu

Tragedy strikes: your oven breaks on Thanksgiving. The person who threw this stovetop Thanksgiving menu together knew the power of the stove. This is a full Thanksgiving feast that can be made on your gas or electric stovetop! You’ll still have turkey, green beans, and mashed potatoes – even a pumpkin spice icebox cake! If all you have is four hotplates in a college dorm, you could make an incredible, impressive Thanksgiving meal for a bunch of your friends. How cool is that?

Now, with big decisions like menu out of the way, you can spend time on other aspects of your dinner party like the guest’s experience! We suggest having some extra goodies for your dinner attendees. Use our coupons to order specialized candies from Sugarfina for your guests to give them a luxurious experience.