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These 4th of July Safety Tips will Keep Your Whole Family Safe

We are just one week away from Independence Day here in the United States. I’m so excited, because it’s one of my favorite holidays! I love the Bar-B-Ques, the fireworks, and the time with family and friends. (Not to mention, my birthday is the day before the 4th of July, so we extend our celebration even longer!)

4th of July Safety Tips
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There’s not much better than quality time with friends and family, but with all the celebrating, it’s important to keep your whole family safe. Follow these common sense safety tips to keep the fun lasting long into the night!

  • Firework Safety – Be absolutely certain fireworks are legal before you buy or use them. Don’t break the law on Independence Day. That’s just not cool! Make sure an adult is always there to supervise any firework activities, and never ever allow children to play with the fireworks or ignite them. Did you know that sparklers alone account for over 1/4th of emergency room firework injuries? Keep your eye on your kids at all times!

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  • More Firework Safety – If fireworks malfunction, don’t try to relight them! Douse or soak them in water and toss them! Just let it go! Oh, and it’s smart to make sure you have a bucket of water nearby any time you are lighting or using fireworks in case of fire or malfunction. (Never just assume “it won’t happen to me” – better to be safe than sorry!)

Grill Safety
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  • Grill Safety – Always use your grill away from your home and any deck railings. Never use it under branches or overhangs. Declare a 3-foot safety zone radius around the grill to keep pets and kids safe, and don’t allow them within that radius. Never wear loose clothing when using your grill. Be sure to periodically remove grease or fat buildup in the trays below your gas or propane grill so it doesn’t ignite when the grill is lit. Time for a new grill check out these Shoppers Choice promo codes where you can save up to 80% off select grills and patio furniture.


  • Water Safety – Make water safety rules for the family and make sure everyone is aware of them. Keep a first aid kit near the pool, and make sure children are constantly supervised. Avoid alcohol while anyone is in the pool. If boating, make sure there are enough life preservers on hand for every passenger. Also, review proper boating safety tips before you even get in the water.
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Happy Independence Day, friends! Have fun celebrating and stay safe out there!