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Things That Are Worth to Buy For Cyber Monday

Holiday season is just starting. The first holiday that we must attend is of course Cyber Monday. It is on 26th of November 2012, and it would be nice to surprise our loved ones with some presents. I made a strategy for Cyber Monday and found these products in different stores. Although it was a hard decision I succeeded in finding the best products for my loved ones. After searching through stores like Amazon, Walmart, J&R, Overstock, and many more, and looking for the best products money can buy, I must admit that this search took me a lot of time. That is why I would like to share the best stores on the Internet with you. I used these deals from these shops which gave saved me a lot of money.

1. $269.99 for Sony PlayStation 3 Bundle

2012-11-23-17-08-281My youngest son is a computer game fan. He especially likes the Sony PlayStation 3 as a gaming console and all games that are supported with this console. On there was one interesting deal where I bought the famous Sony PlayStation 3 for just $269.99. As addition to this deal I got the most popular game called Uncharted 3. The deal was shipped to my home address. When he saw the PlayStation 3 and the game pack, he was really surprised. I was really happy seeing him full of joy. Check out the store, maybe you will find something better than I did.

2. $81 cheaper CANON PowerShot SX500 camera

2012-11-23-17-12-30My older son is a really good photographer. He was asking me to buy him a CANON PowerShot SX500 camera for a while. Because the camera was pretty much expensive I waited for some time for the price to get lower. CANON is aware of its quality and the prices didn’t get any lower. So, when Cyber Monday was announced, and all discount deals were announced, the e-store revealed the $81 cheaper CANON PowerShot SX500 camera deal, instead of paying approximately $330 which is the regular price of the camera. I bought it from and received free shipping on the deal. Well I must say that this is a really good deal.

3. Lower prices for 40% on Lacie’s Rikiki 500GB portable hard drive

2012-11-23-17-14-24I used this deal for my wife. She is always working on her laptop and complains that her hard drive doesn’t fit at all. This was definitely the best present for her. Instead of paying $99 for this portable hard drive, which she can carry around in her purse, I used the deal on and bought it for just $59. is a e-store where you can also find products of any kind on sales. Their discounts are one of the biggest in USA.

4. 60% off for LCD Car Navigator with USA, Canada and Mexico maps included

All these previously mentioned discounts enabled me to save a lot of money. That was the reason why I decided to treat myself with a brand new 4,3 inch LCD Car navigator for just $59.99. I found the deal on and I simply had to use it. The GPS pack included free maps of USA, Canada and Mexico. This deal also came with free shipping to my home address.