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Things That You Need to Know About Windows 8


Microsoft has been working on its new touch based operating system for over three years, spent over a billion hours on testing it, crafting it, perfecting it. Yes, Windows 8 has launched and many products are just arriving at the shipping docks as people hurdle and line up to buy.

What’s new about this new windows 8 os?

Design: Microsoft designed windows 8 primarily for touch screens. There are two versions of new Windows. Windows 8 is a full fetched desktop operating system, capable of running on Intel and AMD chips and managing all Windows 7 programs for both mouse input and touch. Windows RT is a lightweight operating system for tablets and touch-screen notebooks only.

User Interface: There are two user interfaces to Windows 8. There is a Desktop UI, which looks more like desktop we’re user to from previous versions of Windows. New is Modern UI, formerly known as Metro. Although you can always use your mouse to work your way around Modern UI, it is best to use your fingers. Colorful tiles represent links to pages, programs, utilities, apps, browsers and so on and they are highly customizable, group-able and intuitive. And yes lots of fun too.

Performance: Unlike android, or iOS, Windows 8 is a full desktop operating system that is optimized to run on tablets as well. It runs smoothly and responsively. In comparison with Windows 7, Windows 8 is faster and more secure. Given the touch input capability, it is also more versatile and less power hungry.

There is no Start menu we were used to in Windows 7 and older windows versions. Microsoft simply wants you to learn working with touch-screens as they are the future trend. Start button will reveal Task Manager, Control Panel, new Mobility Center, and other shortcuts but no Programs.

Among new features Windows 8 brings to the table let us mention File History, Storage Space, Windows Explorer and Cloud as one of your storing options.

New Windows tablets and hybrid notebooks are being produced by all major manufacturers. Samsung has been on the forefront with their new ATIV line of touch screen enabled portables. Acer came through with their Aspire M3 Touch. Asus wouldn’t miss the party with their new 610 and 810 tablets. Sony makes their bids with new Vaio Duo 11 hybrid notebook. Touch-screen enabled Windows 8 and RT offerings are coming in every day.

Windows 8 adds greatly to user experience whether you have a new touch screen laptop or not. It boots much faster, it is much safer, and more power cautious than previous versions. It is a new operating system and it will take some time to get used to, but it is no doubt a great addition to world wide computing ecosystem.

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